A train stop away to fun Coney Island 5/29/05

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Monday, May 30, 2005 9:16 PM
I didn't plan for this to happen but it did. I was on the N train returning home. I had just come back from my friends house getting my hair braided. If you may not have known, the N train hasn't been going to Coney Island for a few years and as of yesterday, it has been restored. I was sitting in one of the train seat and looked at the sign saying Coney Island. I looked at the time and saw that it was 6:53PM. I wanted to watch the preiemere of Hell's Kitchen on FOX at 9PM. I had an hour to kill and asked myself, "Why not?". I took a look at my wallet and notice I had a few dollars and said to myself, "I'm going to Coney Island and ride the world famous Cyclone!".

I've been to Coney Island a few times when I was younger. This was before I had become a coaster nut. I've been on multiple coasters from Floorless, Giga, Strata, etc. but never the Cyclone. I just had to go since I recently moved 1 train stop from the coaster. I got there around 7:15PM went straight towards it. The tickets cost $5.00 and rerides are $4.00. I got in line for about 10 min. and waited for the backseat. Man was I in for a ride of my life!

The wooden coaster at the top of my list was Kennywood's Thunderbolt. After riding the Cyclone, The Thunderbolt got bumped quickly. Being tossed around and out of my seat on every hill was crazy. I was shocked that I've been riding coasters since 10, living in NYC for the 18yrs. in 2 days, I turned 18 on May 28, and have never ridden a coaster that intense! I was going to ride again but I only had $2.00. Damn! But I will be out here riding it again.Oh well, I walked around the park for a while and then head for home. The Park was very crowded though due to it being Memorial Day. This has been a well worth quick trip and is the reason why I love NYC. Only in NYC can you ride the subway going home and out of no where take a trip to a world famous roller coaster. If you haven't already ridden the Cyclone, I suggest you get out here and ride the beast. This coaster get's a 10/10. Well, it's 9:16PM and I'm missing Hell's Kitchen. Thank you for your time reading this report.

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