A Somewhat Brief (by necessity) Missouri Trip Recap

I wanted to post a few thoughts about my trip to Missouri last week. But my home comp conked out about a month ago..no idea how to fix it. So this'll be fairly short since I'm at work. A couple of CB'ers I'm friends with on Facebook may have already seen it, but I wanted to share with all.

My nephew was getting married in Western PA on 6/21, so I drove to Youngstown, OH on Friday the 20th. I made a stop at Knoebels for my maiden ride on Flying Turns. Fun, unique, I smiled. worth 3 bucks? Mos def. But I wouldn't wait 50 minutes in that heat again for it.

The wedding? Well, no one on here has ever seen me dancing or wearing a suit and tie. Sorry, folks you missed your opportunity. I tried to get Sean and Erin to invite everyone from CoasterBuzz, but it was a small wedding.

Other than the anticipated problems with the heat/terrain/walking, I had a fun trip. Cut my day short at Silver Dollar City, due to the above issue and more expected rain. But I did get four rides on Outlaw Run, an incredible coaster..Thanks to a coupla friends for recommending the front. This ride blew me away. I didn't get on Powder Keg (closed) or the kiddie coaster (never saw it..I missed a whole section of the park.) Thanks to my friend George..he wasn't even working that day, but came over to get me in free although he couldn't stay. Wildfire and Thunderation were great examples of their respective genres, and I enjoyed Fire in the Hole, despite (or maybe because of?) a faceful of water.

Met a friend and his family at Worlds of Fun in KC and had a great day, despite the worst coaster of the trip (Timber Wolf.) Coupla rides are essentially copies of same at Dorney (Patriot=Talon, Mamba=Steel Force) but Prowler was an incredible ride, especially in the pitch blackness of the Missouri woods. We ate at a Midwest burger chain called Culver's, which was excellent, especially the fries.

Did a late afternoon and next morning at Six Flags St. Louis. American Thunder was the best ride there..between that and Prowler I was bouncing up and down like a Spalding rubber ball! the Boss is an epic terrain coaster in the woods, but it's a Beast wannabe. The length of the ride queues..not people, just the distance...at this park is insane. It took me ten minutes to walk from the midway to Boss' station. I finally got to ride the former Evolution from Great Adventure, now Xcalibur in St. Louis (thanks for the tip, Gonch!) Lotta fun.

So that's my recap. If I can fill in any gaps, let me know...I'll try my best!

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


Outlaw Run looks to me to be best in the back, which I know is where you prefer to sit. Did you pick up a backseat ride? If so, did you actually like the front better? Do tell!

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

Aw, Mike, I woulda driven up and been your +1. Anything to see the coat and tie.

I'm so glad you liked Outlaw Run, it's one of my favorite rides ever. And I think the front and back are kinda like two different rides, the forces vary somewhat, and both are great. I'll give the first drop to the back seat, and those low airtime hills to the front. And SDC is one of the best parks in my opinion, it's so much more than just rides (read: food), and I have no trouble spending a week there. I hope you had time to explore at least some of it.

I understand Xcalibur operates a little differently than it did at SF, in fact I hear it got a major overhaul. I really like it. It seems like an instant spew machine but somehow it doesn't affect me that way at all.

I'm a fan of Culvers, too. Butterburgers, real frozen custard, and those amazing crinkle cut french fries. Yum. We have a couple here in Columbus, but as you drive west (especially in Indiana) you can't swing a cat without hitting one it seems.

So. Home again, jiggidy jig. That's one loooong road trip you took.

Bunky, I had two front rides and one back, plus a middle. Judy and another friend had recommended the fron, and I was skeptical. I no longer am. Front was incredible, especially for the second half.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


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