A slow day at Hersheypark

That's a shame, and it makes me wonder what they were thinking. Too much spinning causes the indoor glow effects to be lost? Oh well.

Last summer we rode the one at Seabreeze a couple/three times and had a ball. One ride in particular was so much fun- two big guys on one side and a child on the other. It was so imbalanced that we started spinning the second it cut loose and it didn't stop till we hit the brake. It was almost scary in a couple of spots. The one at Waldameer is ok, sometimes you get a really great ride on that one and sometimes not so much.

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If most Maurer Söhne spinning mice are like the Reverchon version, I'll take mine tame, please. Less spinning is a good thing for me...and for those within spitting (hurling?) distance.

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Dramamine is an aging coaster enthusiasts best friend, Vater. LOL

The Crazy Mouse at DelGrossos has a problem with spinning. It's as if they have the ride set on "Low" spin, if that s possible. The one at kennywood definitely spins a lot faster.

This was my first Maurer Söhne spinning coaster. I found it to have a more interesting layout than the Reverchon models, but I like the Reverchon rides a little better, for whatever reason (maybe familiarity?).

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I was actually speaking of the DelGrosso's mouse; that's the only one I've been on.

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