A sad day for CoasterBuzz

Sunday, April 22, 2001 5:15 PM
Wow... I can't say I've ever been much more embarrassed to be a coaster enthusiast, Christian, or even human for that matter.

While I spent my day coaching America's future, several over-zealous members decided to bestow on us their infinite wisdom, superior intellect and higher moral standard so that we may all be better people.


Here's the final word...

I don't give two rhino terds about what anyone thinks is appropriate conversation for CoasterBuzz. When you float the bill for a site that draws thousands of people every day, then you can decide how you want to run the site. Don't tell me how to run mine. That's the reality of the situation. If you aren't comfortable with that, I'm not forcing you to be here.

Using religion (and in particular Christianity) as your angle to point out that anyone is wrong for anything contradictory to the teachings of any major religion. I don't even care what you consider to be a sin... that's not the issue. The problem is that Mother Theresa and Hitler, and everyone in between (that includes you) have sin on your record. That puts you in the most unremarkable position of having no right to judge anyone, especially in light of the fact that nearly every organized religion teaches that judgement is reserved solely for that particular god. Get back to me when you're sin free.

I'm reminded of a time in college when one of my very best friends, and Indian fellow, was told he was going to hell by someone who claimed to be a "Christian." I wanted more than anything to ship him to India and put him in the reverse situation. It's often a lot more difficult to tell someone they're wrong when the alleged wrong-doers are all around you.

I'm not sure which bothers me more... the fact that people can be intolerant of any minority, or the fact that people are still using religion as their excuse. I guess it makes a good scapegoat for people killing each other in the UK and the Middle East, and it was even a good reason to kill the British in order to "form a more perfect union."

Sad that we drift further away from that perfection.

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