A reporter with a positive review of SF.

It's specifically SFGAdv and this guy and his family enjoy multiple visits to the park thanks to season passes.

No complaining of prices, etc.

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My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Must've caught SF on a good day.

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To be fair, GAdv has been getting much better the past few years (not hard to do considering the horrible treatment in the mid-80s and 90s).

Except for the insane crowd levels, which they can't control, rides seem to be much better run recently. Ka and Superman excepted, Batman, Nitro, Medusa, and El Toro have pushed people through at a pretty good rate the last few visits I had. If you haven't been there in a couple of years, you might be surprised.

It's certainly not perfect, but the efforts are starting to pay off, and considering the task they had, I consider it an impressive feat just to get it to this point at all.

^^IMO...GAdv in 2008 has been run better than CP in 2008!!! At CP you can still easily smoke and line jump, the CP restrooms are worse than GAdv (I see an attendant in the GAdv restrooms virtually every time), food operations are faster and taste better than CP and I'd even venture to say there are more better deals at GAdv on food (Papa John's excluded) especially with season pass discounts/coupons, and in my experience GAdv has better ride operation consistency...CP has and always will be hit or miss due to the rain policy and Intamin factor just as a start.

While CP has many Ohio families and Ontario hotties, there's nothing GAdv can do about their very urban demographic...

I don't know...I've noticed more guards in Great Adventure watching the lines, but they are largely ineffective. However, the smoking policy doesn't really do much for Cedar Fair parks. I can smoke wherever I want to at Dorney. I still choose to smoke away from the crowds anyway, but at Great Adventure, it's an absolute REQUIREMENT that you smoke in the designated areas, and they are logistically placed in each section of the park (I still have NO idea where Dorney's are).

Ride consistency to me is stilll craptacular at both Dorney AND GrAdv. Perhaps it IS due to the Intamin factor because it's mostly the Intamin coasters at both parks that break down. However, Steel Force gets stuck on the lift hill at LEAST once a day, sometimes more than once on a four-hour visit. In Great Adventure's case though, the employees are much more informed on what is wrong, about how long the coasters are going to be down, and they have a security guard standing there for safety (I was almost certain a group of people from Kentucky was going to beat the host when Voodoo shut down, and she looked scared out of her mind). I would say that at this point in time, Great Adventure does a little better than my local Cedar Fair park, but I haven't had a truly bad experience at either this year. Fun everytime, actually. Perhaps I'm not as observant as I need to be, but they both seem like great parks.

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You're just not a jaded enthusiast yet. :-P

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ApolloAndy, I'm working on it. LOL That is one thing I actually hope never to become. I'm sure EVERY park has their problems, and I try and look at this as the one activity that makes me feel like a kid again and NOT a jaded individual. Sure, I watch for mistakes and things that make a park GREAT, but in the case of amusement parks, I don't wanna be that girl. :) I mean, if I became a jaded enthusiast, couldn't I say that Knoebel's pretty much seems like a carnival on steroids? Or more stuff like that? I don't wanna do that. :) Although I DO hope to one day be enough of an experienced enthusiast that I can really COMPARE similar rides to each other (Nitro vs. Apollo's Chariot, TTD versus KK, etc).

Gah...I'm babbling again. :P I'm jonesing for a new park or at least another ride on Toro. Can't wait until Cedar Point!

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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