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Subtitle: Clint's Crazy Coaster Trip, Day 2-Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.

The second day of Clint’s Crazy Coaster Trip consisted of a first time Park for me, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. I had done a good job telling myself that I wish I hadn’t done this park before I got there. I was tired, and in pain, but I had already bought my ticket. I got up around 9:00am on Wednesday morning, packed up camp, and headed to take a shower. After I was dressed, I went to McDonalds for breakfast, and then headed out to Louisville. The sky was overcast, and I was hoping that I wouldn’t get rained out of my second day.

The trip was about 2 hours, and I arrived at the gate of the park around 11:30, 30 min. after opening. The parking lot is confusing, and this took up an extra 10 min. just to find the right lot to be in, and the front of the park. First impressions are lasting, and mine of Kentucky Kingdom was not a good one. It was in a run down looking area of the city, and nothing looked too Theme Park about it. I can see how this is the Midway for a fair, because that’s the feeling I got whilst I was there.

I got out of my Xterra, and went to the front gate. It looked as if it was going to be busy, as the line for the turnstiles was long. I then realized I had forgotten my camera, so I went back to get it. When I got back to the gate, I got in with no wait and headed to Grease Lightening, going the long way around to view the park.

Greeze Lightnin: There was no wait. I got in line for the front, and an annoying kid got in with me. He was talking about this and that, stuff I didn’t care about, and then saying he didn’t think this was a real coaster. I bit my tongue and just got on the train. This was my first full on Schwarzkopf coaster. The launch was good, the loop intense, and the kick back at the top of the spike was wonderful. I always imagined these as having more than one trip on the circuit, but one was good enough. The return trip was just as good.

As soon as I got off, I ran around to get right back on the front. The ride ops (there were only 2 on all the coasters that day) weren’t very good, even with no lines. There were plenty of seats opened, but as I was about to get on the back, they put 2 other people back there that came up the exit. I was kind of mad, because the to annoying kids in the second to last car had gotten off, and then they got to re-ride since no one was in that seat, while I had to wait. Oh well, it was worth it. The back spike in the back of the train was blissful. Definitely one of my new faves!

Next I went over the bridge to the rest of the park. Hardy any food stands were open, and I needed water. But I was near Thunder Run, which I had heard so much about, so I found my way to the entrance.

Thunder Run: I got in line for the front and had a great conversation with a father and son in line behind me. Thunder Run (like everything else) had only one train and 2 ops running, but there were virtually no waits. This is a great woodie, with good air, nice laterals, and a fun layout. This thing owns the Hurler twins by far! The ride op that checked my belt was talking to me bout riding, I told him that I had just come from PKD and was going to CP and Geauga in 2 weeks. He then said he definitely needed some time off to do that. This is a top 10 woodie for me, too bad I didn’t wait for a back seat ride.

Next I headed to T2. I like SLCs, and this one is slightly different, since its one of the 2 prototypes, so I was interested to see if the ride was different. The ops were extremely slow, and what should have been a 5 min. wait turned into 20.

T2: I got my front row with another kid I didn’t know, but this one was a non-talker. Another thing all the steel coaters need is a paint job. This coaster looks bad. It could also use some weed eating around the layout. But as for the ride its self, I don’t see where people complain. It’s a bit rough, yes, but not as bad as I was expecting. The layouts on these are great, and this was no exception. Good first drop, great sea serpent, and nice twists at the end.

There was a Stargate Motion Movie that I wanted to watch, but I couldn’t find it, and don’t know if it was up that day anyhow. But since I was so close to Chang, I figured I’d give it a go.

Chang: This was the longest line in the park. I didn’t feel like waiting for the front, so I opted for second row instead. It’s got a good layout, but the intensity made my legs start hurting again. I guess that can be just because of it being a standup. The ride is fun, and I like how the first drop is. This was also my first Dive Loop on a coaster. Its got a pretty paint scheme, but needs painted. It also could use some yard work done around it. By far my fav. standup at this point.

The next thing I wanted to do was Twisted Twins. I saw it coming to the park, and noticed that it looked like fun, so I went around to it. This park is bad for misleading paths and no themed areas. But I did find the Twins. Unfortunately, only the pink side was open.

Twisted Twins (Lola?): I rode the pinkeen coaster, so I don’t know which one it was. A fun family coaster. It is really loud for some reason, but not too rough. It would probably be really fun if it were actually dueling, but I’m glad I got my chance to ride. An interesting layout, and another CCI for me.

I saw how high Mile High Falls was, so after finding an open food stand with water, I rode that next.

Mile High Falls: Defiantly the tallest Chute the Chute I’ve ever done. It really gets you wet, which I needed since it was so hot, but only worth one shot.

I was heading back over to the other side of the park when I noticed that I was right by Rollerskater. I had never done one of these, so I got in line.

Rollerskater: This was a fun kiddie coaster that is much higher off of the ground that you’d expect. I had never been on one of these, even though they seem to be everywhere, so I was glad to get my ride. It was fun, with a lot of directional changes. A good beginner coaster for younger kids.

At this point, I should have gotten a back seat Thunder Run ride, but I skipped. I then headed over the bridge to the front section of the park. Again, I should have gotten some more rides on Greeze, but again, I skipped. I was feeling tired, and had a long drive ahead of me. So instead, I went to Roadrunner Express.

Roadrunner Express: This is another mouse for me! I’ve only been on 4 mice al together, and this one was one of the more intense ones. I don’t know why I’ve been so lucky this year, but of the 2 mice I’ve been on, neither have been braked very much. There were 1 or 2 on course brakes on this one, but nothing major. It was a different layout for me, with a wonderfully themed entrance and exit. I rode in the back of our car, with a father and son up front. This was a bit of a surprise, I was only in it for the coaster credit, but I ended up really enjoying it. In fact, most of the coasters at this park were like that.

So I thought about getting on Hellovator, but one side broke down 2 times while I was in this side of the park, so I opted out, since It couldn’t have lived up to Drop Zone the day before. I took some pictures, and ran into the father and son from Thunder Run. We said our good byes, me having spent only about 2 ½ hours in the park total.

I left the park just in time, however, as a huge storm started in as I was getting gas across the street. What should have taken me 6 hrs. to get home ended up taking almost 10.

As a side trip, Kentucky Kingdom was definitely worth it. I got some really good coasters under my belt at this park. Nevertheless, the park itself could use lots of work. It needs paint, staff, and for more food places to be opened badly. It’s a shame, since the coaster boasts a bunch of really good coasters, and what looked to be really interesting flats. It has a small water park, and at least two interesting water rides. Hopefully in a couple of years they’ll get the sprucing up they need. I would definitely visit the park again for all the coasters. None were too nauseating (was it the ginger?), and all were fun. Yes, even T2. *** Edited 8/8/2004 6:12:57 AM UTC by TeknoScorpion***

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I tend to make fun of SFKK (who doesn't?) saying it's a good "on the way" park to Holiday World, but the coasters are highly underrated. Thunder Run is by far one of the best woodies out there....it's short, it's fast, it's full of airtime, and it kicks your arse without any pain that a lot of woodies have.

The Twins were running EXCELLENT last year when I visited, even with the G-trains. Chang is always fun......a stand-up that doesn't kill my back.

And Hellevator........ahhhhhh........drop towers. :-P

Glad you had fun Clint! Consider getting a season pass from SFKK next year....DIRT cheap! I paid around $40 for mine. I believe that's the cheapest out of all the SF parks but I may be mistaken.


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Clint I hope you got a front and back seat ride on Thunder Run. I love that coaster! Has the squealing and screeching on it been fixed?

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I got the front seat, not the back, could have, wish'd I'd have, but didn't. It was a great coater with loads of air, and its a shame to see what the Hurler Twins could have been. No squealing or screeching on TR, but there sure was alot on Twisted Sis..err Twins;).+
I'm glad that you enjoyed your trip! And yes, there are a couple of image problems that need to be worked out, and I'm sure our management team is working on that. Out of curiousity, what day did you go exactly, cause I want to determine whether or not I was working Thunder Run that day.
Tekno, I'm glad to hear you liked Chang. I can't wait to try another stand up on my upcoming trip there, which will put my total at 4. Dive loops and Immelmans are my favorite B&M elements.

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Nice TR! I've always liked TR and also enjoy the sisters. I'm sure the shuttle loop is a fun addition.

Did anybody else get all excited and think they were getting some good old-fashioned R-rated material when they read the title?

I try to come up with interesting names...;)

SFKKThunderRun, I was there on Wed morning. I rode Thunder Run before noon. there were 2 guys working the train, both young:).

I really never enjoyed going there. I mean there was some good coasters to go on, but yeah I woudn't just go there on my way to another park.

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I knew it wasn't going to be R-rated, Clint's just a tease...;)

Nice TR Clint, almost makes me feel guilty for never posting them...if you enjoyed the back of GL that much, I wanna be around when you get to SFAW or KBF for the *full-bore KICK* up the back spike...:)

Gotta get back to SFKK for *my* Anton and the long-delayed trip on their River Rapids, and some more of that delicious Thunder Run...who knows, maybe Quake will even be up and running...LOL.

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