A long, but fun day at "AMERICAS ROCKIN' ROLLER COAST"

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Monday, July 18, 2005 1:51 AM
Okay well I am not going to lie and say this will be a short report because it won't. I have to include some insane 1st rides on some awesome rides and I have to rate/breakdown and such. So without further audo, onto the report.

TTD-The worlds tallest and fastest OPERATIONAL coaster. Well for it being my first time ever on TTD, I can say I was nervous at the least. This is an overall very great ride, and I love the feeling you get in your stomach when you take off. I got to ride this twice today, once in the morning, and I had a famed night ride. I will vote on morning and night ride.

Morning I was in the blue train which had a rollback while we were waiting in the station. I must say that this ride was a little overwhelming to say the least. Morning ride gets a 9.5/10.

Night ride. I was on the red train, which was running great all day. I think it might've been the only train(save for green) that had no rollbacks. This was definatly the fastest train on the ride and this train constantly hit 123+ MPH. Night ride gets a full 10/10.

Magnum-The best airtime machine around. This is an awesome steel. I love the bunnyhops and the airtime you recieve on this ride. I wasn't expecting a lot out of this ride, but it surprized me significantly. I also got to ride this on in the morning and at night.

Morning ride-This ride flew way over my expectations. I generally despise Arrow coasters, but this is one of the best and smoothest Arrows I have come across. Morning ride was at it's full glory but still not the best ride. 9.5/10.

Night ride-All I can say is "Oh my GOD, were going to crash into the LAKE!" This ride is all it is hyped up to be. I see what my dad meant when he said it looks like you are going into the lake. THIS was the best ride when it was at it's glory point. Night ride 10/10.

Gemini- I can't belive I never rode this coaster before. It is so much fun and is not rough for a typical wood coaster. It was fun seeing people high fiving the other people in the yellow/red train. Of course our train won the race, because it left sooner that the yellow did. This is a really fun coaster but it was a little too short. 9/10.

Mean Streak-I thought this was suppose to be -er- MEAN?!? Well for my first time on it I thought it was okay. Why the hell do they break on the first hill. Our train almost didn't make it around the track. There were some fun spots on this ride, but not many. And it was really bumpy. My left outer thigh really hurt after my ride. 4/10.

Millenium Force-Well I had been on this ride once before, but I was half asleep that time so I didn't really enjoy the ride, but today I did enjoy my morning and night rides.

Morning ride-I got to ride in the 2nd to last car in the last seat. You got yanked down the first hill so fast and the airtime on the hills was insane. I totally loved this ride and would do it again in a heartbeat. 10/10 morning.

Night ride-I was told by my cousin MagnunBarrel that this ride is at it's best durning the night. And boy was he right. You looked as if you were going into the lake and you get a lot of airtime. I got to ride in the front car in the back seat. Hey at least I was in the front. This was so awesome. If I could give this ride something higher than a 10/10 I would. Night ride=10/10.

Wicked Twister is an awesome ride no matter what. I love Impulses and I LOVE this ride. In my book this ride will always get a 10/10.

Blue Streak is an awesome woodie with great airtime. It is similar to RWB at GL, but it gives you more airtime. This gets a 9/10.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride is fine for you if you are younger, but I think this ride is really rough if you are older. I forgot how tight the lapbars get. I give this rough ride a 6/10.

Corkscrew is easily one of the roughest steels I have been on. I though today I wouldn't get my head bashed around, but I still did. And what in the Hell was Dick Kinzel thinking putting seat belts on Corkscrew? It makes no sense at all, especially if you have to check them yourself. I give this aweful ride a 6/10.

Disater Transport is a good ride, but it needs to be longer. And they need to bring back the robot. I give this ride a 6/10.

Iron Dragon is a pretty fun ride. It wouldn't make a bad starter coaster for the younger ones. It is a little lame, but I like the back of this ride. And I might as well enjoy it seeing as there aren't many suspendeds around these days. ID gets a 7/10.

Mantis, I can not believe I liked this ride at one point in time. What the hell was B&M thinking building a stand up coaster? After getting off the ride my inner thighs felt like someone kept kicking me over and over again in the same spot. It also didn't help that I got some airtime on this ride and flew off the seat and landed back, HARD on it. All I can say is I'm Lucky I'm not a guy. Mantis gets a 5/10.

Raptor. I can't belive how short the line for this ride was. It was basically a walk on. And I got to sit in very back. It was a great ride, but they need to go easy on the brakes. When we stopped my head got banged around like a pinball. I give the overall ride on Raptor a 8/10.

Wildcat is a fun little ride. It might be better if it was a wild mouse, but it is still a great little ride. I like this ride because of the helixes and how you drop down a lot. This ride is worthy of a 7.5/10.

MaXair-All I can say is "WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEE!" I thought I would either get really sick or really dizzy on this ride, but it didn't happen. Yeah I was a little dizzy getting off, but not to the point where it affected me. I love this ride and would be willing to ride it over and over again. MaX gets a 9.5/10.

Power Tower is an awesome flat ride. Either side is great, though I prefer Turbo Drop better, just because it gives you a better view of the park. PT gets a 10/10 hands down.

Let's sum up all my first rides: MaXair, Power Tower, TTD, Magnum, Mean Streak, and Gemini. I give my day and overall score of 100/100. The park was clean, and the workers were very nice and knew what they were doing. Except for the crew on CCMR. They left a train in the brake area while they finished up their conversation.

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Monday, July 18, 2005 8:48 AM
Gemini is not rough for a typical woodie because it's not a wooden coaster. It's an Arrow with tubular rails.

Monday, July 18, 2005 10:22 AM
I love those harsh breaks and snap turn at the end of Raptor! it adds an extra little punch to the end of the ride. sort of completes the experience.
Monday, July 18, 2005 10:31 AM
Well I was surprized to see that Gemini is not rough at all because typically most wood/steel combo coasters (wood supports/steel track) are generally rough. But like I said before it is a fun racing coaster that gives you excitement all the way to the finish.

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Monday, July 18, 2005 10:45 AM
^ Lol I think you are confusing the wooden coaster hybrids (steel supports/wood track)with this kind of coaster. Gemini is basically Magnum track and train (yes it looks different, but it functions the same) being held up by wood supports. This is NOT the same kind of system being used on rides like Hurricane or Cornball.
Monday, July 18, 2005 11:43 AM
eightdotthree's avatar Perhaps she is referring to the other Arrow hybrid coasters? CP's own Mine Ride is pretty violent, as are most other Mine Rides of that era.
Monday, July 18, 2005 1:35 PM
Good to see you had fun, sometimes i lie, but Millie at night just does it for this guy. I was really still surprised, with the Magnum, i havent been on that coaster that late in prolly 8 years or so. I also think that whatever cp thought with mantis, is that hey its a standup, so whatever, it gives them coaster variety. They are one of a number of parks that have standups, but it always seems that the B&M standups are a dime a dozen cause you rarely hear about them. So Cp with a standup kinda does make sense. Other than that i hated the fact for the first time ever i was on either snake river falls and thunder canyon in several years, i just dont feel the urge to feel like a wet dog everytime i get off something like that. Another thing, was the one guy, he was wearing a shirt from dorney, but it was cp. How come cp doesnt sell that shirt. I was at dorney and apparently i wasnt looking hard cause i never saw that one. But whatever it was a good day all around, rode alot of things that i dont normally ride.

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Monday, July 18, 2005 1:51 PM
"Gemini- I can't belive I never rode this coaster before. It is so much fun and is not rough for a typical wood coaster. "

That's because Gemini has a steel track, it is not a wood coaster.

"Blue Streak is an awesome woodie with great airtime. It is similar to RWB at GL, but it gives you more airtime. "

YOu must be confusing RWB with the Big Dipper...Blue Streak is an out & back. Big Dipper is an out & back. RWB is not an out & back.

Monday, July 18, 2005 2:00 PM
Ride of Steel's avatar The final turn into the brake run on Raptor is awesome, but I can see where people find it painful.

Glad to hear you liked Gemini, it's a top 10 coaster on my list. Have you ever ridden it without the brakes? All I can tell you is that the final helix is a doozy ;)

OP must be so happy that they got most of the bugs worked out of Dragster. It hasn't had any long period brakedowns since early June and I look on the webcam and it seems to be open every day. *** Edited 7/18/2005 6:01:06 PM UTC by Ride of Steel***

Monday, July 18, 2005 3:08 PM
I guess I was the only one who caught this.

It was fun seeing people high fiving the other people in the yellow/red train.

Is the yellow train on Gemini and new thing, or am I color blind?

Cedar Point The Amazement Park
Monday, July 18, 2005 3:54 PM
Very impressive you were able to get all that in in one day. Lines didn't sound too bad. Did you utilize FastPass? All the coasters at CP is certainly a goal in one day, not so easy to do.
Monday, July 18, 2005 4:21 PM
Ok to clarify a few things here. First of all i think she meant the train being red and yellow, cause the stripes on it are yellow.

Second yes its very true that the blue streak is out and back. Not that i didnt say this to her. But whatever shes just getting broken in on her coasters, so at least shes getting the expereince there.

Also the lines werent bad at all. Considering that it was sunday. Im really not sure where the crowds have been, but everytime i have went this year the only rides pulling large crowds have been dragster, millie, maxair, and raptor. Raptor was dead cause i told her to wait for a while and we rode at like 530-6, because i had some kinda feeling the line might be shorter.

For everyone elses sake, no way shape or form did i force her to ride and enjoy magnum, just strictly her preference. *** Edited 7/18/2005 8:23:17 PM UTC by MagnunBarrel***

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Monday, July 18, 2005 10:34 PM
Great TR. How could you be half-asleep on Milli last time??? I think that it is better than Coffee in the morning. ;)

That last "snap" on Raptor can be bad. After a few laps you are used to it and expect it.

Glad you had fun and were able to get so much it. Night rides are the best. Night rides on Raptor are also great. Nothein better than a front seat night flight on Raptor.

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#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

Monday, July 18, 2005 11:00 PM
I mentioned that too her as well but we never got arounf to that one.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 10:39 PM
I was very surprized to see the lines that short. And no we had no need to utilize the fastpass feature. Oh and another thing, last time I checked RWB was an out and back coaster...If you don't believe me check this link out:


and yes I knew that dipper(http://www.geaugalake.com/public/inside_park/rides/roller_coasters/big_dipper.cfm) was also an out and back...but blue streak is like a combo of RWB and big dipper. It has RWB's curves and Dipper's bunny hop hills.

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