A Little Preveiw to Fright Fest (SFGAm)

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Really the only reason I went this morning was to get a look at what's going on for fright fest. They did a little over the week but not much.

I'm sure you know the rides so . . .

We got in the park and started just wandering around. The first thing we saw was the TJ Masks sign on Carousel Hats. Then, we got to Triple Play. On the ride we noticed that the parade floats in the shed were decorated. After that we started noticing signs everywhere. Saying "Fright Fest Begins October 11th" etc. In the square the LAFF sign was up. We continued through the park to notice that the Bridge between County "Scare" and "Ghost-town" square had signs that said "Thank you for Using the Illinois Trollway."

We swerved into Southwest "scaritory" as the signs read to notice that the windows had been coverecd on the trailblazer to Prepare for Sleepy Hollow. We decided to Skip Viper because the line was out of the Que. We, then, noticed to sign for Terror Twister. The windows were all covered, so we got on. The lights were up, but they weren't going, so we took a Chandeleir lit ride.

We got off and headed to County Fair. This had the most decorations. First of all there was the trollway to our left as we entered, and then we noticed that the Monster Market Signs were all up. It's looked cool.

As we continued down the midway, we couldn't help noticing A-meri-go-round. Which i'm sure you all know has been docorated for a month. and as we peeked up the midway we saw a moon with bats flying around it. YES! The Iron Werewolf sign was up! FUN!

We were kind of just taking a walk, we didn't really ride much. All day we rode: Triple Play, Scenic Railway, Chubasco, Trailblazer, Viper, River Rocker, Hometown Fun Machine, And Batman.

Anyway, back to the decorations. The only other things we noticed was the Susan Rosan Sign on Theatre royale.

So it was kind of a boring day but the decorations managed to make it good. It was fun.

Favorite Coasters at SFGAm: 1.)Superman 2.) Viper 3.) Batman 4.) Bull 5.)Eagle
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So was it a busy day at the park for a Saturday???
It wasn't very busy, but it was more crowded then I expected. That's one of the reasons we didn't ride much. Becuase the crowds were actually pretty bad.

By pretty bad I mean that every coaster had an hour wait and all the flats were a walk on.

"The haunting has begun!" Fright Fest 13 begins October 11th.
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Well, Sunday was a very busy day!!! Great for SF but bad for me!!
Raging Bull's line hasnt been longer than 15-25 mins in about a month.

SFGAm Viper

Last Sunday, the line was definitely longer than that for RB. The Coca-Cola company picnic generated long lines for all the rides.

Arena football has arrived in the Windy City. Go "Chicago Rush"

I agree Chitown, Bull was a good 45 minutes to a hour last Sunday.

Good day....I said Good day!

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