A LIM Woodie? Why not?

I'm not for sure about this, but does anyone know of a reason why a LIM launched woodie is impossible? I imagine that it would be terribly wearing on the track and wheels, but beyond that, couldn't it be done?
It would put to much stress on the track were it blast off. But someone could build a wooden coaster and then were the blast off area is use steel track.
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The simple reason it wouldn't happen is precision. LIM's work because the blades fit just right between the magnets. If you've ever seen one of these things you know that there isn't a lot of room for the blades to pass through there, so a tight, smooth track tolerance is required. Woodies bounce all over the place, so it just wouldn't line up well.

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i agree with jeff, it would be cool if they did do that though.

There would be no way to keep the trains lined up in the magnets for the launch with the train bouncing up and down, and, that bouncing with the g-forces of the launch would make the ride painful or dangerous.
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Well there is one way. If the cars had a wheel on the bottom of the cars(just like the suspended coaster).

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