A GREAT Trip and Day at SFWoA - Thursday, June 6

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Wednesday, June 6, 2001 4:46 PM
WOW! This was already a great day to begin with because today I was officially an alumni of my jr. high. It felt so great not to be an eighth grader anymore.

Anyways, we were planning on going to Six Flags today as long as it didn't rain too much. It didn't rain during the morning, so we ended up going.

When we arrived, I noticed X-Flight was testing, and I was seriously hoping it was going to be open today! I had to ride it.. I won't be going to Six Flags for a little bit, and I wanted to get it over with (for lack of better phrase). The park was not crowded at all - I'd say the parking lot (ride side) was 1/20 full. The buses took up most of the space.

I won't include the whole trip details, but just some high points in the day:

1) Riding the Villain 12 times, Superman: Ultimate Escape 6 times, and Batman: Knight Flight 4 times.

Since the park was dead, there were hardly any lines when I first arrived (around 2:15 PM). The longest I waited was 20 minutes, which was for Batman. Then as the day went on (5:00-7:00) all the coasters were walkons. No train was ever full when sent out (except X-Flight's).

2) FINALLY riding X-Flight once!

I finally got to ride X-Flight! I saw it being tested while on the Villain - this time, with people on it! I knew I had to get there fast. So, I ran over to the line and the line was about an hour long. It ended up being only 45 minutes long.

The ride was great - very unusual, like nothing I've ever ridden before. The loop was very intense, the hills were great, and the helix was awesome! I rode in the back seat - which made it even greater! The front was crammed with people and nobody was in the back queue lines. Today they ran 1 train with better dispatching times today (most were around 3 minutes).

People in line seemed to enjoy the music being played - it's a nice addition.

3) The park's last hours, 6:00-7:15.

These times were the best of the day, since all the buses had left and it was raining the most so most people left. I'd say there were about 1,000 or LESS people in the WHOLE park. It was great - I was able to stay on the Villain without getting off (which was running two trains, as was Batman). Batman was having good dispatching times as well. Great job!

I also was able to ride S:UE, and for a minute or two, it was my new favorite coaster. But, that died out about 5 minutes later.

Some other things I noticed:

1) Silver Bullet is tilting more at a 90 degree angle than before.

2) Texas Twister was once again closed... it's never been opened on my three visits. What's wrong?

3) Raging Wolf Bobs and Mind Eraser were both closed.

4) Serial Thriller ran one train - the teal one.

5) Parking is now 8.00... it was 7.00 before, right?

6) Double Loop was running it's purple train.

Well, it was one of the best trips I have ever had. Maybe it was because I was finally out of school or because I rode some many rides? Either way, this was a great way to end the school year and start the summer. Now if only the rain would go away!

Wednesday, June 6, 2001 8:16 PM
One thing you have to love about Six Flags- RERIDES!

The Policy Nazi's at Cedar Fair should get a clue!

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