A good case of Montezooma's Revenge Jan 13th 2011

Arrived about 10am, and was fascinated by driving under Ghostrider to park in the adjacent lot. I was excited to visit for my first time here, intent to ride the shuttle loop, the woodie, fried chicken, and the authentic old west theming.

The park had about 200-300 people in the park, so every coaster was a walk-on, or a 1 train wait for a front seat, and many trains after 2pm left nearly empty. First was Silver Bullet, very smooth and sleek. 9/10. Great impact location. Next was Sierra Sidewinder, very fun, more aggessive and longer then the Tony' Hawk Big Spin. Fun for all ages. 8/10. Then across the park to get a locker, and the back seat of Ghostrider. This coaster is incredible. I was expecting rough, and it had little of it in the back seat. Very intense drops, swooping turns, and great theming in the Q. 10/10.

Then to the back for Pony Express, front and back seats. Nice fun ride, but with all the work for cross over Bigfoot Rapis, it could have been longer. I am thinking it won't be there forever. 7/10. Then to Mystery Lodge, and this show could be in the Grand Canyon and still entertain. Who doeisn't like the west? Then out to lunch at Mrs Knott's Fast service, and great fried chicken made this a great lunch. 8/10.

After lunch was the Calico Mine Ride. I did not famcy the cars, but they held a lot of riders, who loved to play on their cell phones, so we never had total darkness, but the theming was great. Is this a coaster or not. 7.5/10. Then to Boomerang, uneventful, 6/10, and then to Xcelerator for 2 rides, There was a guy who looked like Creed from 'the Office' who was yelling 'Go' when the tree turned green, but the ride is awsome like Storm Rider. 9.5/10. This ride is well themed with a smooth launch.

Then to Jaguar, very long and fun. 7.5/10. This is a great family coaster for all to enjoy. Finally, my first shuttle loop in 20 years since the Laser Loop closed. This ride ran like day one. The train was in excellent condition, the launch was smooth, and the track was fast. Well worth the trip. 10/10. I did 4 cycles in the front and back. Then to a drop on Supreme Scream. very nice. What happens during an earhtquake?

Stumbled upon the Skateboard and Timberline Twister. I was at the height requirement, so I was allowed to ride. Its okay for kids, and the Skateboard I rode at IAAPA, as that is the prototye version, and the big one is on the Stratosphere. We exited through the Camp Snoopy caves to several California youth smoking some local herbs, who scattered when I showed up.

Then back for a front seat ride on Ghostrider, and exploration of all the great Ghost Town storefronts. I could spend days in this area. Overall trip.....9.5/10!

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Sounds like you caught Ghostie on a good day. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's still a fantastic coaster! The park is still one of my favorite all around places to visit. They have such a great line-up of attractions and immersive theming.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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Ghostrider gets some hate, but the one time I was there it ran great. I liked it a lot.


I was reunited with the pure fun and intensity of the Laser Loop.

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