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Okay so I had fun 2day with my aunt and cousin. The have to be some of the coolest family around. This is going to be a short TR.

Big Dipper-A fun ride and a great airtime coaster. This ride gets a 10/10.

Headspin-The back is rough and I don't really like it, but it's still a great coaster. This ride gets a 9/10.

Steel Venom-An IMPULSE. What more can I say, except you have to ride it to enjoy it. I love this coaster and I give it a 10/10.

X-Flight-A nice flying coaster and a very fun ride. Seeing this is the only flyer I've been on I can't say much more. I give this ride a 9.5/10.

Pepsi Plunge- A cute litte log ride, very fun except for the fact I was squished by my cousin. I like this ride and I give it a 10/10.

Texas Twister-I can't believe I've never rode this before. I really like this ride and I could ride it over and over again. I give this ride a 10/10.

Dominator-I got to ride in my favorite spot, the back. I love this coaster and I have since my first ride on it. I give this ride a 10/10.

Raging Wolf Bobs-Okay so this ride needs some work, but I still love this coaster. It will alway be my favorite woodie. I give this ride a 9.5/10. It was a little rough...

Thriller Bees-The only ride in the park that can make me completely dizzy, but not nausiated. This ride is so much fun. 10/10.

Turbo Bungee-This is an okay ride, but not worth the money to go on it. If it was just jumping on the trampoline, then I'd say yeah it's worth the money. I give this ride a 5/10.

The Villan-This ride is aweful. I don't like it very much. I give this ride a 4/10.

Double Loop-A great starter coaster, and a great coaster for families. I rode in my favorite spot, the back. I give this ride 9/10.

Thunderhawk-This ride is a bit rough, but nonetheless very fun. I don't love this ride but I don't hate it either. This ride gets a 8/10.

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The magical miracle of the pepsi plunge. I used to hate that thing, but like i told you for some reason i still give the nod to Dorneys wonder of a flume. Plus you need to at least make a trip to kings island with me, i need a fix on some of their coasters. *** Edited 7/31/2005 3:55:31 AM UTC by MagnunBarrel***

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Too bad Villian has been so rough this year, it will get lots of work next year, though!

I've had a great time so far this season on it!

To respond to the last post, i just think that the coaster was running fine the first few weeks and then boom it fell faster then a ton of bricks, am i the only one who sees it that way.

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I went to Geauga Lake for the first time in 2 years during Memorial Day weekend and was rather SHOCKED that it was dead on a Saturday afternoon (despite the rain). Still, it was a blast! LOVE X-Flight and Batmaninator. ;-)

I like the park and was impressed as what Cedar Fair has done to it. Very nice.

The Villian, however, just HURT the hell out of me this time. I don't know what was up with it, but it has degraded big time since opening year.

I hope what John says is true. :-)


OMG, I was there the same day, Tina! Granted it was for a whole two hours and I got completely soaked... but I was there!
What John Peck has said is true. Villain is slated for major trackwork/replacement this off-season. I've been told that the *jazz track* is going away as well. That has been a real issue with the coaster for awhile now. Probably the roughest section of track on the ride. Too bad, it was never laid right to begin with. Damn first-timers!

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^Good to hear. Villian freakin ROCKED it's first year.

John, you probably ran into my group several times, or witnessed a bunch of lunatics with insane road rage taking over the bumper cars in the rain. Thankfully I was the videographer for that one. ;-)

Yes, it was literally THAT dead in the park. Even X-Flight was (almost) a walk-on. Good times!


That's how it normally is Tina. I've yet to see it be anything but in the last 3 years even. Most rides go off with half full cars at best.

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Villain truly did rock when it opened. I was there a few weekends ago with LoriU and her family, and I thought it was running ok. Not GREAT, but Ok. Lori and I were avoiding the wheel seats, though -- my ribs were still sore from a NASTY shot I took at Kennykon (I mean that in a good way ;) )

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