A First at PCW - Fear Fest Oct 28

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It may not be common knowledge that Paramount Canada's Wonderland has never had a Halloween Event before. In fact this year marks the first year that PCW stayed open past Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct 9).

I cannot say enough good things about PCW's first ever halloween event, Fear Fest - Haunted Theme Park. It was incredible. I also went to Cedar Point's Halloweekends this year, and have to say that PCW outdid them in them in the "scary stuff" categories.

The halloween attractions were grouped into three themes: The Curse of Sleepy Hollow, MTV Rockin Scare, and Backlot Bloodbath.

Sleepy Hollow: Three awesome attractions set up in Kingswood, near Tomb Raider. Cornstalkers, an outdoor maze made entirely out of dried corn stalks, with scareactors dressed as scarecrows. Loud bird noises and air guns that shot air at you were tripped by light sensors thoughout the maze. Bloodshed was an extention of the outdoor maze, set in a barn, with hanging dead chickens and severed heads (rubber of course) that you had to move out of your way to get through. Masacare Manor was made to be the Van Tassel homestead the night the Headless Horseman attacked.

Backlot Bloodbath: Walking into the exit of White Water Canyon, and down into the drained river (a la Werewolf Canyon at CP) you enter the scene of a movie shoot taking place on ancient burial grounds. The spirits have been distrubed and killed the film crew. Electronic scares, air guns, chainsaws and scareactors made this incredible. It was amazingly long. Close to 15 minutes to walk the entire course. Also in this area was Slaughter Street, where a car chase scene has gone terrible wrong, injuring all the actors. About a dozen cars were set up to mimic a massive car crash, with scareactors in the cars, and flames everywhere.

MTV Rockin Scare: The least exciting area, with two more simple haunted walk-throughs (similar to Pharoh's Tomb at CP).

All major rides were running, except for a small section of the park that was closed. One train operations made it a bit slow, but the crowds were drawn to the scary stuff so tons of coasters rides and re-rides were made possible.

Hats off to Haunted Thunder Run, a Mack powered mine train that travels though the mountain. The interior display was modified to include dozens of skelteons killing each other, fog, stobe lights and black lighting. It was excellent!

PCW had the entire night driven by tickets, meaning this event was NOT INCLUDED in your 2005 or 2006 season pass, and all guests had to pay for a ticket. It seemed to work well, as it was very crowded.

Well done PCW, hope this continues next year!

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