A dreary 5-12 at SFWoA

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Monday, May 14, 2001 4:50 AM
I'm such an idiot. I should know that when the weatherman says "High 60-65," it won't even come close. But I still wore a short-sleeved shirt to SFWoA on Saturday. And it was 48 degrees and raining when my wife and I arrived at 11 a.m.

So, after waiting to get our passes processed (the pictures are so bad...I look like I have a beard even though I'm clean-shaven) the first stop was the clothing store, where I bought an outrageously expensive (but admittedly cool) Six Flags Ohio fleece.

I really didn't want to come here until X-Flight opened, but we had to get our passes processed before we go to SFMM in early June. X-Flight looks awesome, by the way. They tested one train while we were there. There was a train at the top of the lift all day, and I kept my eye on it, but the second I looked away, suddenly it was gone. So we ran to where we could see, and caught a glimpse of it pulling into the station. Then several men with ties walked out of the restricted area, so we figured testing was over for the day. :(

Anyway, after I bought my fleece, we hightailed it to Batman Knight Flight, but alas, it was closed and would remain that way until we left. So it was off to the Villain, where we waited one train for the back car. I wouldn't call this coaster an airtime machine, but it sure is fast and fun, with one great jolt of lateral Gs after one of the turnarounds.

After that ride, my wife, who gets sick when she rides coasters, wanted to get in one more ride before she had to stop, so we ran to Double Loop. One train wait for a random row toward the front. Why isn't Vortex/Viper/Shockwave this smooth?

Then we hoofed it to Superman: Ultimate Escape. My wife took a bench while I went up to the station...which was completly deserted. A train was full and waiting, with one seat open...the back seat...which is the one I wanted anyway. I ran through the closing doors and hopped into the seat. This is a great ride. I think it has more float time than S:tE.

Then, since my wife was done riding, and since we DO have season passes this year, and only live 2.5 hours away, we decided to take it easy. We hiked over to the (deserted) Sea World side and got some fajitas, and were entertained by a duck begging for food. Then we checked out the dolphins, penguins, etc. Pretty boring stuff.

Finally, we went back to the rides. I wanted one more ride on S:UE, so we headed back over there (this is when I saw X-Flight testing). This time, the station was full. I waited 30 minutes for the back seat.

Then we walked down through the kiddie area and watched the excellent "gun room" where kids can shoot foam balls at each other. I wish I could do this. So then I decided I'd wrap up the day on Texas Twister, which I had never ridden. This is quite a disorienting ride. Loads of fun.

After grabbing a funnel cake, we hit the road. Of course, the second we leave the park, the sun comes out and the sky clears. Oh well.

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