A Dorney quickie 6/28/12

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Dorney now has up charge preferred parking. Doesn't matter. I literally got the best parking spot in the best place, right by the front gate next to the cheesy looking t-Rex.

Rode Talon first. You know you've ridden a coaster too many times when you are narrating the layout to yourself. Second row, walk on. I had fun though, as I always do on Talon. The pacing is great, and I still love the little swooping drop with no trim halfway through the ride.

I got in line for the tilt a whirl just in time. One cycle wait with a 10 minute load time. Yes, 10 minutes. However, just as I was seated, the queue totally filled. I got 7, which was spinning a lot at first but then petered out. The ride slowed down, and I made a playful, "aw, come on!" to the ride op. She actually laughed and sped it back up. I spun the entire rest of the cycle. 

Apollo: I love Apollo. Not too many of these left. Darien Lake used to have a great one that seemed like it nearly went upside down, but I have no idea if it is still there.

Thunderhawk: solo ride solo ride solo ride damn! The station filled just as they were opening the gates, so no luck on the solo ride this time. Kept my hands up, being flung and jostled over and over again but not relenting. Really noted the trims in the final airtime section.

Decided to forgo Possessed. 

Steel Force: two trains running, red and black. I never see the blue one. Ever. Three train wait for front car. I hate when Steel Force "wobbles", and it did a lot of that on this ride. However, from the front seat, I got tremendous, extreme, sustained floater air that felt like it went on for forever. Also, I started talking to a nice couple next to me in line, and they were saying that we here in Pennsylvania have a lot of great wood (hehe), and they named some oldies but goodies that I've always wanted to ride. Then they said, "if you want a really amazing coaster, go to Holiday World and ride--" and I said, "the Voyage?". We got to talking, and it turned out they were ACERs. Very nice people..and they liked my Schwarzkopf-styled loop tattoo I got this spring. I've liked the ACE members I've met. 

Decided to do Possessed after all. Walk on second seat. I really liked Possessed when it first came to Dorney (and was a noun and not a verb), but I'm over it now. It is fun, but I don't care whether or not I ride it anymore. 

Monster: the repaired Monster is faster, swoopier, and if you sit in the right car, you will spin the entire cycle. Very fast. Very, VERY fast.  I wanted to stay in my car for last ride of the night, but the ride op very nicely asked me to go around and enter again for last ride of the night. That I did, and although I did not spin nearly as much as I did my first cycle, it was still a lot of fun. 

From 8:30 to 10:00: 

Talon 1
tilt a whirl 1
Apollo 1
Thunderhawk 1
Steel Force 1
Possessed 1
Monster 2

No FastLane required!

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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