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My girlfriend Megan has posted a rather lengthy trip report from Adventure World in Perth here:


I've found myself wondering whether a park like this – with big open spaces and a liberal bring your own food policy – would work elsewhere in the world...

Thanks for sharing. The BYOF policy is interesting and certainly goes against the standard business model (your move Holiday World! heh). Picnics are great recreational experiences that our culture has largely forgotten. If nothing else, parks with a patch of lawn would do well to sell picnic baskets for families (or teens looking to "neck") to take along with a returnable quilt or umbrella. Could be a nice break from loud music and food courts. Imagine resting along a nice open lawn with a view of the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island or Kings Dominion.

This park also reminds me of the original RCT and RCT2 games. Chris Sawyer really captured the international character of amusement parks which is much more diverse than what's here in the States.

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Granted I don't think you're allowed to wheel in a cooler, but WDW allows you to bring in your own food.

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Thanks for sharing. The blog post was quite probably the best trip report I have ever read.

Richard, I am curious if you have been to Holiday World or Dollywood, and how the hospitality/friendliness compared to either of those parks?

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