A day with the Drunks@ Oktoberfest

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I went to GLP again yesterday. It was pretty crowded around 6-10 then everyone just kind of went home. Enough of the boring stuff, onto the rides.

Dominator-Always a great coaster, very creepy in the fog though. It was so foggy you could barely see the lift hill.

RWB-Always my favorite coaster. I need a day where I could ride it 5 more times so I'll have 50 rides on the season.

Le Villan-Not as bad as it's been, it could have been because we rode it at night too...

Starfish-Don't ride this after eating....

X-flight-don't ride this after riding the Starfish or after eating...

Steel Venom-They didn't do the brake hold last night :( that's the best part of the ride. I like Wicked Twister better.

Thunderhawk-An awesome ride to ride in the fog.

Big Dipper- If you are a single rider, don't ride in the back, ride in the middle. Eitherwise you'll be flying from one side of the car to another.

Mr. Hydes Nasty Fall- Yes! It was actually running...and I rode it. That's probably going to be my last ride on it ever, so I say Fare Thee Well, Senor Hydes.

Pepsi Plunge-I guess this is a tradition of my cousins, so I went on with 3 other people, sat in the back and got completely drenched.

Overall it was an awesome day. I like it better around 11pm when there was fog everywhere and you couldn't see anything on Dominator, RWB, or Thunderhawk. *** Edited 9/23/2005 2:35:38 AM UTC by "E"Coster Gurl***

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Yep and i was one of the drunks thanks much. As for the fog it was pretty damn cool. It was like added smoke or something on a ride. But thank God for humidity and a nice rain. That will do that for you. To add to this TR, i have to say getting out in groups with some friends of my parents is always a blast.

The Log Flume is kinda a tradition, because i go on them with my friend Jimmy at the all the parks we go to. His girlfriend had fun with the water canons and it was actually cool to be hit by them, kinda like roller soaker, without the payback. All in all Oktoberfest remains a quietly good tradition at that park. I even got a picture with the Mr. and Mrs. Oktoberfest. Beer was expensive, but that wasnt so bad once you got by the first one. Plus the food vendors everywhere what a great thing, than to buy park food.

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Add me to the list of drunks that was there yesterday. It was probably the best time I had in that park or any park really in years. Won a Steel Venom hat at the beer sliding competition and almost made it to the finals but the beer was really getting to me at that point. The employee working the table I was at really rocked we all had so much fun chatting with her.

The rides didn't really change must from the last time I was there a few weeks ago, except for RWB which seemed to be flying yesterday-good times! My friends got sick after X-flight, one to many beers I think, so we cut the night a little early and left a few minutes after 11. Anway great job to all the employees at the park yesterday, they all did a really good job!

If you love the fog...come to the Haunt. If its anything like last seasons Haunt once the fog machines turn on you cant see your own hand in front of your face in most of the park.

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XFlight said:
If you love the fog...come to the Haunt. If its anything like last seasons Haunt once the fog machines turn on you cant see your own hand in front of your face in most of the park.

Oh It'll be so cool...yeah right, its gonna be crazy because I'm going to be working. *** Edited 9/23/2005 2:34:42 AM UTC by "E"Coster Gurl***

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^ agreed. awesome times last year for sure.

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I really don't think it is necessary everytime you post a TR that you put "As posted on Zero G" or "As posted on Coasterbuzz."

Im sure you could do well without it.

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hrm yeah maybe your right...

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