A Day in Myrtle Beach (7/9/06)

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Hey everyone, this is the first trip report i have ever posted so i apologize if I make it difficult to understand. This past wednesday I went on a 4 hour drive from home to Myrtle Beach to catch the Grand Prix, Family Kingdom, and most of all, The Pavilion.

-Grand Prix

I was only here to catch a ride on Crazy Mouse, I was tempted to try to get the Wacky Worm credit, but it looked like it was down. The Crazy Mouse was fun, but it sounded like it was about to fall apart. I would have liked to try the screamin' swing there, but it was also closed at the time.

-Pavilion Part One

As I was on my way down to MB from here in North Carolina, I stoped at the SC Welcome Center off of Hwy 17, and grab a few brouchers, I was going to go to FK before MBP, but found out that it was not open till 4, so I decided to park at the pavilion garage, and I would walk over to FK when it was time for it to open.

The things that I like about the pavilion were the log flume which has a cool underground tunnel. I know it may not be special, but it gives the ride character. Mad Mouse was a blast, the Hydro Surge is one of the best rapid rides I have been on, little eagle was a fun little coaster, and the atmosphere of the park was great, It is a real shame that they are closing this park down. I also like the pirate and haunted hotel dark rides.

The things that I did not care for were my first two rides on Hurricane, both in the third car, front row, It just killed my legs because of the awful trains. Also the guys running top spin were wasting a lot of time trying to find somthing someone had lost, so I left the line. I have nothing against trying to find someone's item (especially if it is important). but when the ride host takes his sweet time, then I don't care for it.

-Family Kingdom

A lot of people don't care for this park from what i have read, but i think it is a neat little park. Swamp Fox was deffinatly the better wooden coaster in town, and I rode it about 12 times in a row. I Thought the log flume was fun, not great, but good for a park this size. Pisterol i think it was called was a neat little ride, my gun did not always work though, and the sling shot was kinda goofy, one up an one down. Still a fun little park. I headed back to the pavilion when a thunderstorm hit.

-Pavilion part two

The rides that i caught this time around were the scrambler, super skooters, a really painful hurricane ride, and a night ride on log flume. I thought the park looked great in lights at night, and if I was not trying to get home that night, I would have stuck around for more.

All in all it was a nice way to get out of town and see some parks I have not been to, and I hope to visit again when the Hard Rock Park opens up, maybe I'll get the elusive Wacky Worm credit at the grand prix :) *** Edited 8/12/2006 2:29:12 PM UTC by CarolinaCaniac***

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