A day at my home park: Holiday World (06/05/06)

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Hi all, I'm new here...sort of.
I've never posted but I've been reading for awhile.

Anyway, I'll just go on with my trip report.

We, my sister and her "husband" and I, got to the park very early at around 8:40AM. We were one of all of three cars in the lot :), too bad that didn't last, the park filled up soon. Being a Sunday in June I didn't figure it would be too crowded, but it was for awhile.

The park opened at around 10:00AM, and we headed for the Legend because I figured everyones mind was set to head for the Raven as it's the closest, well the Legend wasn't operating at that time. We headed back to the Raven to find a pretty big line, but they were running both trains so it didn't last long.

As we were about to board the train the second train stops on the lift hill, haha. By this time I'm thinking I won't get to ride any coasters this day, but it was quickly fixed, I don't know why it stopped, or if they purposely stopped it.

As usual, the Raven was great once we finally got on :).

After the Raven we headed to the Legend, but it was still closed. We headed to Hallowswings instead. Not a coaster, but it's a fun ride and it looks remarkable.

We then went to try out the new Revolution.
I'm not a huge fan of this ride, it's like an instant face lift, and just not that comfortable.

After this was Liberty Launch as the Legend was still closed. Fun ride, but my sister thinks it should be higher. I told her they don't want to take away from the family atmosphere, so they won't build one that goes several hundred feet. *Shrug*

Atlast, the Legend opened. We rode it several times, but I still prefer the Raven. I don't know why, but they never seem to run both trains there when I'm at the park. It was a fairly busy day also as there were several "Special Guests", which I wasn't expecting.

After this we went back on Hallowswings...

We went to eat luch, but I wasn't hungry. My "Brother-in-law" has a hollow leg somehow, and he ate about every 15 minutes it seemed.

After lunch we went to Splashin' Safari.
I like the park, but it's seems like a concrete jungle to me. There's trees around, but I didn't notice much in the immediate area. Will must have had a mental meltdown when they cleared space to add this water park.

The website says to go to the water park BEFORE noon, but I have to disagree, unless you've been practicing on that stair stepper collecting dust in the corner, you'll want a wait.

The slides here are great fun, but walking around the concrete and up the stairs makes you want to take some free water and poor it on the ground to stand in. Ouch! But what can you do?

Another thing I dislike here is the Congo River (they still call it that right?), it needs to be wider. I was bumping into alot people :(.

Eventually, after we got our workouts done going on one slide after the other, we tip-toed to the new Bahari. We really liked how they did the paths around it. The pool is also very neat looking, but we didn't stay to swim in it.

After we dried off we headed back to the park for a few more rides.

After another spin on the Legend we went back to the Raven, but when we got on the train half the lap bars went down and half wouldn't. It "faulted" as one operater said, "The computer is acting weird and won't let the bars down" they told us. So that's really my luck I guess, everytime I go near a coaster something seems to go wrong. Also earlier they were running it without people, so I don't know what had happened then. I don't mean they were testing before the park opened, it was middle of the day.

That pretty much sums it up, I couldn't talk everyone into go back to Holidogs Fun Town :(. Bummer. Also, my family isn't really roller coaster enthusiasts like myself, so I didn't get many laps on the coasters. Oh well, next time I guess.

We left several hours before closing, which is a first for me. I was totally fried from the sun, which is my fault of course for not putting sun screen on. I think they need a sun screen stand in Holiday World too, even though people aren't shirtless there, the sun is still present and our arms, legs, and face are also exposed.

I guess I'll end this, I hope I didn't blab everyone to death. It's my first TR, maybe I'll get better at them, haha.

I'm off to slather on some aloe and sleep my pain away. Good night!


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