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So yesterday, myself & two friends trekked to 6FNE and what a great day it turned out to be! We arrived right at 10 am and decided to get a season pass then. It seemed that it was going to be really crowded, and hte park had posted 'weather watch' signs stating that if inclement weather does arrive, rides will be closing, etc, etc...

I wanted to try the Q-bot system so we got a qbot, and it was way worth it! :) I think because the weather was just so sticky, nasty & humid, everyone decided to do Hurricane Harbor instead of the coasters.

We first rode Superman, that had a nice 30 minute wait cause blue train was being fixed and only red was running (is yellow even used anymore?). We then rode Batman (walk on) & Mind Eraser (walk on). We used the qbot for Cyclone, Superman, Batman, and Scream mainly yesterday. Around mid day it finally happened, the skies parted and the rain and thunder arrived....Everyone left that park like it was God's will or something (LOL) We got to our car, changed and headed back to the water park. As soon as we got there, everything opened back up (total down time was about 30 minutes or so)

We rode Tornado, & that had to be the craziest water slide I've ever been on! The speed is unreal, and the fact that you climb pretty damn high on the curve is mind blowing! :)

All the rides after that were walk ons (just about). Superman got both trains running, but still had a 30 minute wait?..... I've come to the conclusions that for hte most part everytime I got to a 6 Flags, their ride attendants move slower than mollasses! I mean they could've easily gotten Superman down to 15 minutes or so...but I digress...

My favorite ride there is still Batman. I think for the amount of space they allotted, that ride is great! The loop, barrell roll and corkscrew combo fit quite nicely into the design. I still think its odd to see a B&M ride with only 7 rows (any other B&M have that?) But the ride is just perfect, their crew was hauling a*^ and were really social to all the guests and chatting away with everyone on the platform.

Overall I think it was a great day, albeit my friend did find the smallest seatbelt on Superman (they are the ones with the "red" strap, the rest fit her fine). I think the park looks way better than it did as Riverside, and I'm gonna miss going there once I move to Texas in a couple weeks! :0)


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You mean you actually like Batman more than S:RoS? You are crazy!

1-S:RoS @ SFNE
2-Boulder Dash
3-Yankee Cannonball

Yes, other B&M rides have only 7 rows. I can only think of Dragon Khan, S:UF SFOG, Iron Wolf, Chang, Vortex, and Vampire at La Ronde. Theres a bunch more.

Edit: added more- Crazy Flying Coaster, Air, Batman: La Fuga, Nemesis Inferno, Top Gun PGA, and I believe thats all.

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Cell block- There is no yellow train on SROS. You might be confusing SROS with another ride. My dad, who's on the bigger side, found the shorter seat belts on SROS last visit we went, and we had to switch. The restraings had to be released and we had to switch rows.

Glad to see you had fun.

I lost my hat on Poison Ivy. How pathetic.

That's cool that you liked BDK. I thought it sucked, but that's just my opinion. I really wanted to hit the waterpark but we were on such a tight schedule when I was there two weeks ago.
Although you did actually get inclement weather on your visit, those signs are always there.

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I didn't just hear you liked Batman the best.....*shakes head* LOL, I would probably put it under the Thunderbolt for fun factor. Funny just the other day my friend was wondering where they yellow train was, I think he's got MF on the brain hehe.
Yes I actually said that I like Batman! Maybe I just enjoy the "simple" rides but S:RoS is great, don't get me wrong, I just don't see it as being "OMG THATS GREAT!" I'm just spoiled 'cause I've worked at CP since '98... After riding MF nothing really competes (xception made to 'Expedition GE:Force')...Anywho, there's just a simplicity to Batman that makes it great. I dunno, I think I'm just blown away by how it packs so much into its compact space...Just my simple two cents... :0)

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well i think it may be my favorite floorless, but definately no competition compared against s:ros. when i was there we just rode s:ros, then everything else once, then went back to s:ros to power ride it. ohh yeah, and the line was about 40 minutes every time when we rode it.

i think MF and S:ROS should be in seperate categories. I love airtime and i love speed....so thats why it was hard to choose my new #1. i finally went w/ SROS but MF is still damn good. Although MF is now my #3 behind TTD. ;) Alright im just rambling on now.

Nice to see you had a great time! I was hoping to ride Tornado, but it was about 60 degrees and raining when we went.

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