A D-bag Gets Deflated

I was at Knoebels last evening and had the "pleasure" of having one of the biggest douchebags I ever encountered riding behind me on Phoenix. In the Schmeck seat, no less. Young guy, probably early 20s.

First, the guy started whooping the second the train started to move. Then when I could hear him practically in my ear as we were climbing the lift hill, I knew without looking that he was up out of his seat. It was actually pathetic, like he was never on a big roller coaster before, and he wanted everyone to see him. So he rode the entire circuit, sort of standing up, waving his hat, which I was tempted to grab off him and fling into the infield.

At the end of the ride, heading down the ramp, I was ready to tell the guy what an idiot he was, when he was approached by an ops manager. He happened to be heading to Phoenix and saw this guy's antics during the ride. D-bag of course responds like any real moron would-- by digging a deeper hole. He said he's been riding that way for a long time and nobody ever said anything. Strike 2! Lucky he wasn't asked to leave the park entirely at that point. But he got a good talking to within view of the rest of his party who was waiting on the benches below. It's hard to look cool when your face is as red as a smacked ass.

I made a point of telling the mgr. after my next lap that I appreciated him calling the guy out.

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Needless to say when I read the subject I was a bit worried this was going to involve me somehow, lol.

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Mamoosh said:
Needless to say when I read the subject I was a bit worried this was going to involve me somehow, lol.

That or Jeff! :lol:

Kidding guys!

I hate those kinds of guys, needless to say. I had one in their late 30's/40's a few years ago on Beast. Wanted him to fall out, except he was right *in front* of me...

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I was thinking the same, Moosh...as well as wondering how a topic involving a deflated device used for genital lavage and enemas belonged in a coaster forum...

But I guess that's a whole different discussion. ;)


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I too had a feeling it was about Mamoosh. Good story though. You gotta love those heaping sacks of douche out there.

When I was a sweep at CP we used to get this group of teen guys about every week that would just bother the hell out of staff. One of them tried whipping a basketball he won at me. I moved and it hit a CP police officer in the back. The officer turned around, and naturally all of this guy's friends bailed. I guess he had been asked once before to behave so they escorted him out.

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I was hoping the story would end with some sort of ejection.

...and no, I don't mean from the ride.

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^Yeah, from the park! I think calling the guy a d-bag is being too nice. I hate using the "c" word unless it is REALLY deserved. I think that would describe him to a tee. I don't care if he is a guy. ;)

I am glad the manager called him out. Too bad he didn't start crying like a little school girl in front of his friends. ;)


Mamoosh said:
Needless to say when I read the subject I was a bit worried this was going to involve me somehow, lol.

Somehow, I picture you more as the deflator. Which would make you Deflator Moosh.

(waits to see if any classical music fans pick up on that very bad pun.)

Didn't that used to be a coaster at Kings Island, right about where Vortex is now?

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Since I know there's a fan or two of "The Tick" in the house (haus?) - Die Fledermaus, which RGB is referencing, was a character on that fabulous, but short-lived, cartoon show....which, as I understand, will soon come out with a live-actor version....*grumble*.

It already did come out as live-action. Didn't last too long though.


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Don't click it. It's a HansonRoll...Oh...wait. No it's not.

I knew the live action show came out already, but never wanted to see it. The cartoon was AwEsOmE!

You should have kicked that kids butt, Bear! j/k lol

I was actually referring to the opera, gator.

LK, it would have been tempting to kick his butt. But the way things usually go, the instigator never gets caught, just the one retaliating. I could always say good thing the manager stepped in, or I'd have.... yeah, that's it.

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Ohhh Coasters & Culture. Scarry thought.

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You'll find more culture on Cbuzz than found between most toes!

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RGB, I see now where I dropped the thought midstream. Lost the word also, as in "was also a character on...". His character name was referring to the opera...

....and cartoons reference "culture" all the time. Bugs Bunny was constantly doing bits on Shakespeare, for instance. Cartoons, Coasters, Culture, and Comedy....now we're getting somewhere. We need a caricaturist. ;)

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Don't look at me, I can't draw. But anytime you need a haiku or limerick (or red herring) you know where to find me :)

I was just trying to have a good time. Gosh!


You know, when I saw the title to this thread, the first thing I pictured was some lady with really big...um, breastal implants, perhaps accidentally having one of them punctured while riding some extra rough coaster.

Guess I'm in touch with my inner teenager. :)

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What really irks the hell out of me are people who defiantly smoke in line as long as they can get away with it while the rest of us have to breath in their freakin' cancer causing lung corroding toxic smoke. These folks are some serious D-bags who care nothing for anyone around them.

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