A change of religon.... Holiday World (6/3-6/4)

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Sorry if the title freaked you out a little bit... but more on that later.

Anyways, we left Santa's Lodge around 10:30 and arrived inside the park around 10:35. I went with my parents(Who love rollercoasters) and my sister(who is terrified of them) and I finally convinced my parents to let me go off by myself to have a marathon on the Legend and Raven.

Ratings= 1-10

First ride I rode was the Raven. There was no one in line! I couldnt believe my luck. I hopped in the back seat for my first ride on the worlds #1 Wooden Rollercoaster. My first impressions of this ride werent that great, since I saw how small the ride looks from the parking lot... but first impressions arent always everything! This ride was outstanding! My favorite part was the last hill before the twisting finale... so much air! And with no line the 2 days I was there, I got 47 rides on this sucker... 30 of them without getting off.


Next up was the Legend... which I was really looking foward too. I was hoping that there would be no line for the Legend like there wasnt for the Raven... There wasnt! I couldnt believe my luck! Anyways, this is my favorite ride of the whole park! The tunnels were great, there was great air time right after the spiral drop, amazing Laterals exiting the helix! And the best part, was that I got 34 rides on this throughout the 2 days.


Anyways, I mainly rode the Legend and Raven for the first day. But I did catch a few rides on the Banshee, and a few other of the flat rides.

The second day our family went to the water park. But first, I just had to get a few rides on the Legend and Raven. But unfortunatly they both had 15 minute waits... so I only rode them once.

Anyways, I headed to the water park and went directly too Zoombabwe. Now I am not exactly the biggest fan of water slides, so I was a little nervous.... Awesome ride! I loved every turn, and the little cross shaped holes in the slide. It was a little warm in the water slide, but I got cooled off after the splash.


After Zoombabwe, I did the other water slides, and they were very good too!

Waterslides in general=6.8/10

I did the wave pool for about a half an hour, then went back to zoombabwe, to get a few more rides on it. While in line for zoombabwe I saw that the Legends train was half empty, which ment the line must have died down.

After my 4th ride on Zoombabwe, I left the water park, to check out the Legends line. Walk on!! So I had about a 10 ride marathon on the Legend, and then went to check out the Ravens line. Another Walk on! Now this is where I had my true marathon! I got over 20 laps on this without moving my butt! The ride-ops were great! I cant remember the guys name( I think it was something along the lines of David...) but I believe the girls name was Amber.

Anyways, I left the raven after my 21st ride in a row to check out the Legend, whose line grew to about 5 minutes. So I got a couple of more rides on it.

I finally met up with my family and convinced my sister into riding the Raven... she also loved it! It's now here favorite ride in the world! Anyways, I bought a Legend T-shirt, and my Sister bought a Raven T-shirt, and we left to our hotel too pack.

Great park! And thanks to the Wooden duo of the Legend and Raven, I now prefer Wood to steel! Hence the change of religon... :)

Holiday World- 9.5/10

Be sure to visit Holiday World. Best park in the world!

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Glad to pick up a convert. Now that you're a woodie fan, you need to try Blue Streak (CP) and The Racers, Jackrabbit and Thunderbolt (KW). But I agree -- Raven and Legend are worth their reps.
Saturday can't get here fast enough.......first trip to Holiday World!!! It will be a long drive but oh well can't wait to ride The Legend and Raven plus check out the water park!

“If you give a enthusiast a footer.......He’ll want a coaster!!!"

Hmmm....sounds pretty cool, I dont even know where holiday world is? My favorite WOODY is Viper at SFgam....love those headchoppers! Making a trip to CP in july, and SFGAM in August, YEAH BABY! Cant wait to try V2, deja vu, and a Ragin Bull marathon.


I tame raging bulls

CoasterBoaster, Holiday world is in Santa Claus, Indiana.

Be sure to visit Holiday World. Best park in the world!

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