A Cedar Fair Question....

I have a season pass for Dorney Park plus all of the other parks owned by Cedar Fair. I want to know when or if my season pass will work at Paramount's Carowinds within the next week, because I might be going there.
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There will be no change in season pass validity during the 2006 season for either the Paramount Parks or the Cedar Fair Parks.After the 2006 season ends, many marketing opportunities will be considered for 2007.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
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I sent an e-mail to pki asking them about the season pass possibilities(sp) for this year and this is there response.

Hi, Dave. Thanks for your email. Your CP season pass will not work at PKI this year. We are examining the season pass program at both parks currently and should know more by the end of the summer. Thanks so much.

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