A B&M 4D coaster?

Gardaland in Italy is opening a new Beemer for the spring of 2011. Supposedly this will have side seating like the 4D coasters.


Check out the first artist pic.

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It's expected to be closer to Intamin's Wing Rider concept where the seats are in a similar configuration to a 4D but are static.

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Arrow thought they were smart enough to make a 4D coaster.
B&M are too smart to make a 4D coaster. ;)

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The Intamin Wing Rider has similar problems as the Arrow 4D. All the weight hanging over the edge creates lots of stress. The outside seats of the Intamin Wing Rider are much less comfortable than the inside seats due to vibration. And the farther back in the train you go, the worse it gets. That is pretty much the same experience I had on X/X2. Hopefully B&M knows what their getting themselves into. There have certainly been enough warning signs.

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The dive coasters have a huge wingspan and I've never had any trouble with any seat. I can't speak for the maintenance, but if it worked for Griffon...

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I have faith that if anyone can do it right, it would be B&M.

The rumor that I have heard is that this coaster is going to also be used to test the real word forces on the different parts of the train. This is so that in the future B&M might be able to create some type of 4D version of the train, whether it be free or controlled rotation of the seats. Just a rumor though, and I can't remember where I heard it from so take it with a grain of salt.

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Yeah, that sounds like a rumor that some crazy enthusiast came up with out of a pipe dream.

Yeah Raven-Phile, after trying to remember where I had heard it from I took a stab that it was probably Screamscape, and yeah it was just Lance speculating about the ride. Go figure I quoted Screamscape without trying to. :P

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LOL. It's all good. I wouldn't care either way, as I pretty much hated the 4D concept when I tried it 3 years in a row at SFMM. :)

edit: concept.

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The 4d concept to me is much more exciting than most of the other gimmicky type efforts that are knocking around.

If someone could do it properly without the vibration etc - it would be phenomenal.

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Don't know why, but I just don't "get" it.

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