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I've got a question about Diamondback at KI. I was looking through some of the testing pictures and pictures of the trains and I didn't see if the trains had some sort of seat belt or restraining device, other than the lap bar? I am a bigger guy and I was wondering about the seatbelt situation.

And please, before one of you tells me to diet- I have, I've lost over 80 lbs. and hope to shave off another 10-15 before opening day.

Thanks for your answers:

Im not possitive their the same but the B&M Hypers are about a 50 inch waist limit. It will depened on proportions. (Most rides are this size) Except Intamin and others are working on fitting bigger people. TGG for example. Maure Shone X Cars.Every B&M Hyper I've ridden didn't have a Belt although I know Nitro originally had some sort of cable from the bar to the seat. Thats been removed.Chuck

No seatbelts, lap bar only. Which is preferable, but actually makes me a little nervous. In the back of my mind, always, "what if this thing comes up?"

Yes Diamondback has the same type of clam shell seats lap bars that all other B&M hypers have. They are entirely safe, no need to worry. :) As for size questions though I am of no help. Sorry.

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I don't think that many people here would tell you to go on a diet, Jacob. People deserve more respect than that. Congrats on loosing what you have lost so far. I hope I never reach the point that I worry about if I can ride a coaster or not.

Aren't B&M's more forgiving about weight than other coasters?

I think I'm doing a good job ;)

I have always been a big person- I have never known skinny- and riding coasters has always been a problem... but not any more, I hope.

I realize this is a coaster board- and not a cry about my weight problem to other people who don't know me session, but in the past I've not been able to ride some certain rides since the introduction of small seats and even smaller seatbelts. I understand the saftey concern, but some things are just totaly insane. I know that sometimes parks add the seatbelts out of an extra precaution but it's not always mandated by the ride manufacturer, state law, or whatever. For example, see Flight Deck (Top Gun) at KI.

Thanks for the encouragement and I also hope that you, or anyone else for that matter never gets to the point that they have to worry about anything like their weight. There are tons of other things to worry about in this life, and something that you can always change shouldn't be one of them.

Ummm Cedar Fair and no type of "belt?!"

Wait I think I see a pig flying...

Do the lawyers know about this?


If you are taking "belt" to mean seat belt, then Maverick would technically have no belt then, and also CF does have Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland which is a B&M hyper with no belts. I realize you are just joking RollerCoasterGod, but I'm just being informative. :)

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Congrats on your progress, Jake! Getting to ride coasters is a perk but most importantly you will feel better!


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Flight Deck seat belts are ridiculous.

"Despite the fact that the ride manufacturer didn't design the ride with seat belts and the 14 years of safe operations, we're putting in seat belts anyway."

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Top Gun at Kings Island has seat belts? When did that happen?

I refuse to call it "flight Deck", btw.

There has been a few topics about weight and coasters before on CoasterBuzz. This is not an abnormal thing to discuss.

Jacob, as another larger person the only thing I can do for you is compare fitting on a B&M hyper to an Intamin hyper. If you fit on MF or TTD up at CP, you will fit on Diamondback. If you dont fit on Maverick you wont fit on Diamondback. The B&M hyper rests between these two. Basically to ride you must see a painted line down by the joint in order to ride.

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Top Gun received seat belts before the 2007 season when CF completed their take over of the Paramount parks. In fact, most coasters which previously had no seat belts got them that year (ex: Vortex).

The belts are retractable and positioned in the middle of the seat. They buckle into the middle of the OSTRs. They are kinda hard to get buckled. Once buckled they make you feel very 'stapled' into the seat. Combine this with the fact that the back seat of each train car is tiny and if you are of moderate height your knees will hit the seat back. It's really unfortunate overall. Maybe that's what it feels like inside a real fighter jet?

I'm really looking forward to the comparatively 'comfy' restraints of a B&M.

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Pagoda Gift Shop said:
Flight Deck seat belts are ridiculous.

"Despite the fact that the ride manufacturer didn't design the ride with seat belts and the 14 years of safe operations, we're putting in seat belts anyway."

It was worse with Laser, it ran from 1986 - 2006 at Dorney with no seatbelts then they add them for the 2007 season. Loading was slow as only 1 person checks restraints but with the seatbelts, it took even longer. Then in 2008 they shortened the belts a lot. They still had a ton of room though.

I have always been a bigger person as well. This weekend I am going to KI and I do not know if I can fit into Diamondback as well. I don't consider myself overweight, but I am a girl. Therefore, I have wider hips that makes me weary every year before coaster season. Last year, I could fit into Millennium Force and Dragster, but I'm not sure about this year. Should I be worried?


I heard from someone who is a ride op at Diamondback that the main constraint is more hip size and not so much the stomach size. They will have 1 or 2 test seats available for you to check before riding it.

We'll never pick on a person because of their size (I had one really rude comment about my weight once and it was deleted from the site). I also think it is wonderful that you're losing weight, and I congratulate you on your efforts. It feels great, doesn't it? I hope to lose a little as well. LOL Like someone said, if you fit into TTD and Millie, you won't have a problem with the B&M hyper. Good luck, and I am SO envious of you if you get to ride Diamondback this year (it's not looking good for me for this season).

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Well, I have a friend who is almost 300# with about a 48in waist. No way he could ride MF I'm sure, but he has no problem with Raging Bull at SFGAM. It appears that D'back's restraints are almost identical to that of Bull, so hopefully, you will be good to go. Can't wait to go to KI in 6 weeks!!! BTW, congrats on the weight loss.

Also, does anyone have any information about the seat sizes for Holidayworld? I am going there in May.

The seats at Holiday World are big.
^This page list the lengths of the belts, and the size of the seats.
I don't think I have every seen someone get turned away, all the times I have gone. They are very friendly for people of all shapes and sizes. Grab some fudge from Mrs. Klaus' Kitchen, its awesome.

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