9's full of 7"s and Valleyfair 7/10-7/11

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this will be short. My brother and I made our first trip to Valleyfair. Although our main reason to drive from eastern iowa to minneapolis was to play poker. My brother is only 18 and there is not much choice of places to play.

We arrived in minneapolis area and went to play after checking into our hotel and spent 12 straight hours at Canturbury Park (racetrack/pokerroom). 6PM to 6AM. If you are a poker player this is a very cool place to play if you can't get to Vegas. Texas holdem is my brother and my game of choice and one pot I should have won was lost on the final dealt card. It was a $60 pot. Jacks full of nines vs. my 9's full of 7's. After getting busted at 6AM, we when went to the hotel and slept for about three hours.

We arrived at Valleyfair at about 1030 and were able to get 18 rides on coasters in about 4 hours. I thought the park was nice and was able to add six coasters to my track record.

I just have three comments about the park.

-It has a very strange layout and my brother and I found it interesting that was designed in a zig zag. We ended up not knowing how to get to some of the coasters. Also the fact that the pathways were not very wide and we seemed to be walking behind cattle, especially when walking back to the Excalibur.

-Wildthing second half very slow and really kills the thrill of the ride. I wonder why they have the trims on so hard because there is really no point to the camel humps on the way back to the station. Although the first half of the ride was more than I was expecting.

-When going up the lift to the Excalibur, my brother and I were not expecting much, but were pleasantly surprised with the air and the speed and very tight turns after coming off the first hill.

This was a very fun trip and it will take another coaster at Valleyfair for me to make a return trip but enjoyed it a great deal. *** Edited 7/14/2004 4:48:45 AM UTC by MkayP*** *** Edited 7/14/2004 4:50:59 AM UTC by MkayP***

I'm glad you liked my homepark. Yah, the layout of the park can be annoying at times because it is a good 20 minute walk from Excalibur to Steel Venom. Hopefully we will get are first B&M next year (fingers crossed.)
Isn't 18 a little young for legal gambling? (I may be wrong)
tambo said:
Isn't 18 a little young for legal gambling? (I may be wrong)

You only have to be 18 in MN to gamble.

Skol Vikings
Let's shoot us some deer Joe Joe!!!!

crazyforcoasters said:
tambo said:
Isn't 18 a little young for legal gambling? (I may be wrong)

You only have to be 18 in MN to gamble.

Yep, those Indian reservations up there let you gamble at 18- I know, I made a trip up there just to do it.

Yep when you live in ole indian territory you can gamble at 18.

-Steel Venom07:
Don't count on a coaster next year! Wait till 2006 for your dream to happen cause theres no way Valleyfair! will get back to back high budget coasters. Not even Dorney gets that.

I agree with the 2006 major ride chance, but what back to back high budget coasters? Did I miss the new coaster at VF when I went last week?
The reason Wild Thing's trims are so hard is because of the final brake run... If you come into the final brakes too fast, it stops you in an insanely short period of time. This is REALLY uncomfortable... I've heard talk that maint. is working on getting the computer reprogrammed to allow the train to come into the brakes faster so that the MCBR can be turned down...
Well if there is no coaster next year, atleast give me a good flat ride. I would rather have a violent final brake run than have all those bunny hills ruined.
Steel Venom, unfortunately, last time I checked, what you want isin't in the top 1000 considerations the park makes.

If it comes in fast enough to make it stop fast, that wears down the brakes considerable, and is HIGHLY uncomfortable for the other 35 people on the train besides you.

The park has to cater to the majority, not an extremely small minority (Coaster freaks)

Yah, I get your point.
I thought it was the discomfort to the brakes...and there's still decent air in the last car if you ask me. No confusing it with Raging Bull, but about as consistent as it's been for several seasons.


Nope, you can't confuse the air on wildthing with the constant in-your-seat xtreme forces on Raging Bull! Heh, that ride has really never done anything for me, even in the back row, it just seems flat.

The air on the 1st half of Wild Thing always seems pretty good. I especially like the huge pop of air on the 3rd hill, in the 3rd row. I always ride either 3rd row or back car.

I thought Raging Bull was an awsome roller coaster, one of the best. I would say it beats out Wild Thing in an overall ride. I especially like the tunnel at the bottom of the first hill and the open cars.

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