99 Cent Drinks at Six Flags

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^Yep, it's V:TBC. Important to note that it has the serial-type dual load-unload station. But yes, getting those blasted "loose articles" from riders during the time when they're WAITING on the next train - that's pure genius.

Kinda funy to me this comes up now, I *finally* got to ride the floorless SheiKra last weekend. The shoe problem that USED to be confined to Montu, now exists at SheiKra. Thanks to the endless delays in dispatching (mostly for people wanting to remove their shoes now that it's a "feet-dangly ride"), capacity was plain awful, and a 35-40 minute line turned out to have about a 1:10 wait. I will NOT wait that long for SheiKra again....capacity has been almost cut in half.

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Which begs the question, "why do people wear shoes that can fall off to a park when they know they're going to have to take them off many times?" For as many people that walk/vomit/spit on the ride platforms, I would NEVER walk across them in bare feet.

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I prefer the convenience of carrying everything that I might potentially need (and that usually is not a lot) so that when the time comes to it, I don't have to waste my time or anybody else in my party's time just to go back to the car.

That's the problem I have with the bins. They're not efficient and hold up the line for EVERYONE while providing a convenience for some people so they don't have to "waste" their own time later in the day.

If you don't want to waste time going to your car to get something, don't waste everyone else's time getting in and out of the coaster train.

I agree that they're not efficient. However, parks would not put them there if majority of the people in line did not use them.

People have always left their belongings on the side of the station before getting into their seats. That's why the storage cubbies appeared --- to reduce the clutter on the floor of the loading platform.

To say that it "holds up the line for EVERYONE while providing a convenience for some people" is a very misguided view that you're using as a sword in your fight. There are usually a good number (at least half the train's worth of people) that leave their purses, oversized stuffed animals, backpacks, souvenir cups on the side of the station or in cubbies. There are usually just as many people who leave their stuff on the side as there are people that don't.

I think Universal has implemented some very good "no loose-articles" setups for some of their rides. Such as Revenge of the Mummy - The Ride, riders are required to leave all loose articles such as bags, purses, etc. in any of the free 90-minute automated lockers in a small building at the start of the queue. They even have a ride host that stops people in their tracks in the queue if loose articles are on them and directs people to the Mummy's temp locker area.

So people will not only be willing to use the lockers because they are free, but there is someone there that tells them that they have to leave their belongings in the locker.

Six Flags on the other hand, with their heavy debt-load and "let's get as much cash flow as we can from all different places" mindset, would prefer to pinch pennies and charge 50 cents at ride-specific temp lockers for a single timed use. And there aren't ride hosts that enforce the policy.

For example, at Magic Mountain's Scream!, there are temporary storage lockers half-way into the queue where the exit lane merges with the queue. Most people, rather than having to fish out two quarters just to put their things away, just take it up to the loading platform where practically everybody dumps their sandals, tennis shoes, bags, purses, cups, stuffed animals on the side.

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It's all about perceived value. If, unbeknownst to me, $5 of my admission goes to cover the cost of locker rentals (regardless if I use them or not) I'll be a happy park guest if I think lockers are free all day instead of being nickel-and-dimed every time I need to use one.

Ah But....

The 99 cents a cup is fine, but I noticed on the website for Great Adventure under Top Ten Reasons To Buy A Pass...that Rise and Scream isn't part of the deal any more.

That (To me) is a bigger and more important perk.

Any thoughts?

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Jeff said:
Seriously, what could you possibly need to carry around all day aside from a bona fide medical supply (that's for you, Greg)?

Heh, go away for a week and see what you miss? :)

The funny thing is even WITH my medical crap I don't carry around that much -- insulin pump, glucose meter, emergency candy in case blood sugar goes low. Sometimes I'll carry a spare battery or two for the pump and/or meter, and maybe some gluten-free food in case I'm not sure what my meal options in the park will be, but typically that stuff can wait in the car (along with the backup pump and meter). Depending on what I'm wearing I often don't even need any extra bag for those items -- cargo shorts or a jacket with a few pockets and I'm good to go, even with a cellphone tossed in.

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

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