9.6.03 - Cedar Point, No Drop Trims on MS

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Sunday, September 7, 2003 1:50 PM
I went to the park with my friends to enjoy the nice day. I had hoped it would not be crowded, but with the weather being pefect, my hopes were doubtful. Parked in the Soak City lot and headed for Gemini. It did mark the first time I've entered the park and Dragster was operating.

Gemini was in fine form that morning, but the blue train won by a mile. I'm not sure we were dispatched correctly. We then headed to Mean Streak to my dismay, but rode it anyways. Praise GOD, the first drop trims were off! I actually enjoyed the ride...it didn't seem as rouch and felt very out of control and fun. After the mid-course brake run, the pace slowed wayyyy down and it was extremely rough and boring. Very surprised and happy about the first half.

We then rode WWC and Mine Ride...nothing spectacular there. Magnum was next, and it gave a smooth, lightly trimmed and airtime filled ride. My friend hadn't ridden Magnum in 4 years and was giddy when we got off.

After lunch, we headed to Blue Streak...still an amazing fun ride and then got in line for Raptor. The sign said 45 minute wait, but none of the queue rails were open...it was just a straight shot to the stairs. I did notice they were spin drying a train for some reason... After ten minutes we wer in the station. The Magnum loving friend had also never ridden the front seat of Raptor, so we took that route. He was ecstatic after that ride, proclaiming it as the best he's ever been on.

Wicked Twister called us over to that side of the park, land after a fun backseat ride, we headed to Millennium Force. En route, I realzed Dragster was down, so I feared the line for MF would be huge, and it was. We waited 2 hours for MF, but it was well worth the wait. Raptor lover then proclaimed MF as the best.

TTD was up and running, but we decided not to ride, as we were tired and sleepy, so we headed home after a great day at the park.

Sunday, September 7, 2003 3:58 PM
Me and a couple friends popped in for the last few hours, and we were very surprised at the trimless MS drop. I've never experienced it without the trims, and while it was extra rough, I liked the actual feeling of speed and lack of control. This was of course before we hit the MCBR and were brought to a near hault, but the first half of the ride was crazy. I wasn't back there very long, but they were testing when we first got to the entrance, then it opened, and then closed again after several trains (including mine). I wonder if it's ever malfunctioned like this before.

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Sunday, September 7, 2003 5:36 PM
I notcied on my last few CP trips that Magnums trims before the turn around seem to have been off, unlike earlier in the year, or maybe I'm dreaming .
Monday, September 8, 2003 2:35 PM
Magnum's trims were painfully on last time I was there on 8/21...

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Monday, September 8, 2003 6:57 PM
TheRealCP's avatar I thought the trims were awful on Meanstreak on Sunday afternoon. Like - oh are we going downhill? I can't tell, I'm too busy grinding to a halt here... :-P

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