95 degree drops?

Has anyone that has ridden this coaster give their opinion. Does a 95 degree drop do anything more to the ride sensation that a 90 degree drop other than throwing your shoulders against the restraints? Or is it just a gimmick?

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Which coaster are you referring to?
Any coaster with a 95 degree drop. I have not ridden one before. Does it provide any unique senstation compare to a 90 degree drop?
If you're talking about Maverick, then yes, a 95 degree drop is much different than a 90 degree drop and kicks the sh*t out of a 90 degree drop in my mind!!!

Last time I rode Maverick I managed to get over 3 inches of space between my chest and the OTSR's, and on the 1st drop I swear I would have legitimately been thrown out of my seat if the OTRS's were not there, and it was my best drop on Maverick yet!!

I hope they can go further with like 100 degree drops and the like cuz they are sweet!!

A Screaming Squirrel has sort of a 180 degree drop, but good luck finding one.

OTSR or not the 95 degree drop on Maverick is very cool and you get a huge amount of air. Yo uare out of your seat the whole time and I am not pressed into the restraint.


It's probably most comparable to a top hat, except the air comes "late", if that makes sense. Is it a gimmick? Sure. Is it fun? Yes. Was it painful? No.

Some of those directional changes, on the other hand....I can see why they forbid earings!

For some reason before riding Maverick for the first time, I didn't think that the ride having a 95ยบ drop was going to be a dramatic feature of the ride, because it's...like they wanted.... low and close to the ground...

But - the ONE mere second of drop time on the coaster provided one of the most SENSATIONAL and strongest Sections of Airtime I've experienced in my life! =o)

A top hat is lame. Maverick's drop?.... Not. =o>

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Maverick's drop is pure airtime. I didn't even feel the restraints when I went down!
I remember discussing the 95 degree drop with Juggalotus over on Pointbuzz. We both kind of thought that the 95 degree didn't APPEAR it would make any difference. However, after riding, I can say that I was completely wrong! I thought I was going to be ejecred for sure!
Sure it makes a difference. Mystery Mine at Dollywood features a nice 95 degree drop. It takes your breath away.

Considering most coaster have drops that are around 60 - 70 degrees, yeah a 95 degree drop is quite a bit different.

It's like being thrown over the top of the lift, instead of going over the lift:) Notice that you need a short train to accomplish this. I probably don't have to tell you that you can't do this with a nine-car Millennium Force train.
The extra five degrees makes a huge difference on Maverick. It's like riding the most powerful mechanical bull in the world, but instead of being thrown off you are held in by the restraints. Luckily though, it isn't painful at all. I'd say it's one of my favorite moments on any roller coaster that I've ever ridden.
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The last drop on Mystery Mine is thrilling, smooth, breath-taking, awesome. But I'm not sure how much different it would feel if it were just 90 degrees, it happens so fast.

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