9/14 PKI & night rides on The Beast!

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Saturday the 14th of September I headed out to PKI, although not with my season pass in hand. Instead, I went to the park with a ticket my dad had recieved through his work (P&G) P&G rented out the entire park this past weekend. The first thing I noticed, is that, like last September, the park has put a giant flag (not as big as last years) on the top of the Eiffel Tower. Also, One through the turnstiles, any who had a bag or purse had to have the bag searched by security. I`m a bit curious as to why since PKI hasn`t done this earlier in the season. I asked them why and they said that they were allowing coolers into the park!?!? Anyway, the park is preparing for Fear Fest with black lights in the Racer queue line, a haunted maze in the Festhaus, and the facade of the Haunted maze next to the Scrambler.

As of yet, there is no constuction occuring on the King Cobra site. I got to look at the old KC site from the LONG line for the Days of Thunder go-carts, which P&G rents out and provides free. After waiting 45 minutes I got to ride. While not the most interesting track, the race was fun since there were about twenty cars racing at once.

Later in the evening, when it was allmost dark and I walked on to Wild Thornberrys River Adventure, with no line. I walked off, dripping wet, because of the elephant. By that time it was 8:45 (the park closed at ten). So I headed to The Beast. Like earlier in the day the line was only about a three train wait. I rode The Beast for the next hour and fifteen minutes. The second top last time I rode, the ride ops let us pick a different seat and ride again without running around. (Even with us doing that there were only about 15 people on the train.) The six night rides I got in were awesome, especially since it was lightly drizzling, the trains were flying!

One interesting thing, is that I was going to get my 2003 pass processed, but the season pass processing are wasn`t open. I found this a little odd, since I would think the park would want to sell season passes to families that normally only go up once a year when the park is rented out by P&G and they get in for free.

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Your lucky man! Everytime I read a PKI TR, I want to go even more!

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

Dude, when is Coney getting the Shooting Star replica?


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