90,000-piece Lego model simulates El Toro from Six Flags Great Adventure

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From the article:

With an impressive 85+ feet of track, it took Lego fanatic ‘Chairudo’ over 800 hours to assemble the 90,000 plastic pieces that went into this replica wooden coaster inspired by the El Toro ride at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Read more from Gizmodo.

Is my multilayered jealousy showing too much if I watch that video and am more impressed by what is in the background than the 90,000 piece working Lego roller coaster? I mean, I would settle for the square footage to set up the coaster, much less the 90,000 coaster pieces or literally million other pieces in the models surrounding the coaster, much less the time to do it.

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I want to know how the track is bent around the hills.

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I haven't seen the actual article yet, but based on my experience with lego and k'nex, there is usually a bit of room for flexibility between pieces, so on a big enough scale (which doesn't necessarily need to be big at all) you can achieve some banking and curving in a coaster track, or other support structure.

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It looks like the conventional train track, which is not at all flexible.

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He heats the rail pieces to bend them.

Not sure why this story came back around, but this coaster originally got attention last fall and I remembered reading that he heats the pieces to bend them.

Found the article here - https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/man-spends-800-hours-creating-11108034

In response, 'Lunatic' has even added a how-to guide to YouTube revealing how he bends LEGO tracks into place.

He says: "Heat one rail at a time with a lower temperature. Check the tension regularly. If you heat it up too much, you can burn it or the rail can deform out of control."

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Well with the new CDX track System we don't have to melt lego pieces anymore to build these. (I do have to heat up the track tube with a hair dryer to get it to snap onto the ties much more easily)

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Lord Gonchar said:

He heats the rail pieces to bend them.

I read that in a Silence Of The Lambs voice.


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