9 Record Breaking Theme Park Thrills


Generic stuff, nothing earth-shattering. Perilous Plunge shouldn't be the tallest water ride though; Pilgrims Plunge owns that stat.

It always seems like these writers of theme park articles always get stuff wrong. They called the new coaster at SFMM Green Lantern: First Light and claim Scorpion's Tail is America's first looping waterslide and getting the tallest water ride wrong that you mentioned.

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In their defense, Noah's Ark does market Scorpion's Tail as the country's first "nearly-vertical waterslide loop." But that's certainly not an excuse to skip all fact-checking.

More importantly, that marketing line is pretty elaborate. :)

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I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

Don't give Noah's a pass. Their marketing brochure this year advertises Black Anaconda as the longest water coaster.

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