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My family took the half hour trip to Clementon Park this morning despite the terrible weather and the potential for rain. I expected the park to be rather crowded for the public opening of Tsunami. Well, when we pulled in at 10:50 (the park opened at 11) there were about 6 or 7 cars in the parking lot. It was drizzling very lightly. The lifeguards were all in the waterpark... I thought that was crazy. We headed straight for Tsunami which was testing.
Once again, I expected at least a small crowd at the entrance. There were 3 people standing outside the entrance for the ride. My family made it 9, and by the time the line opened up 14 (they took one of the two trains off the track before they opened.)
Well, the three people took the first and last row, so I headed to the 2nd to last row. By the time are seat belts were fastened, and our lap bars tightly secured (they check them twice before each dispatch) it was POURING! Needless to say, my first ride was painful. Despite the pain, I was absolutely AMAZED at how fast this thing flew through the course. There wasn't one slow moment from the first drop to the brakes at the end. I was out of my seat like crazy (and my eyes were always half open.) By my third ride, they let us just stay on, because there were about 12 people riding the ride in all. After my 8th ride at about noon (and when the rain had been clearing up for about 3 rides) they announced that they were closing the park. So, we stopped by to see the tigers, headed for the exit, and got our complimentary tickets to return because they closed early.
Our trip home was ... wet. I honestly think I rank this woodie up near Phoenix. It may be close to my number one woodie. It's mainly due to the speed and intensity in ANY row. The front and back were great- but my experience did not change a significant amount when I rode near the middle. It was certainly more than I expected and I highly recommend you all take a trip to South Jersey sometime soon.

I can't wait to ride the wave!


I went to Clementon back in August when it was suppose to open on the 14th (According to the website). Once I arrived, I was disappointed and left. I've been there before and wasn't worth the money to me.

It looked like an awesome coaster by the little that I could see from the parking lot. I hope to get a ride on it next summer, since I'm from South Jersey (originally). My grandmom lives there so I can easily get a place to stay.

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