8/24 - Fun Spot and Indiana Beach

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Flashback to May 8th, 2002, SFWOA:

James K, myself, and a couple friends are wandering around and end up getting into a conversation with an ACE member who tells us that if we havent been to Holiday World, Fun Spot and Indiana Beach, we should throw away all our club memberships. We said, "Yeah right, buddy," and kept on walking.

Flashback to two weeks ago: James and I remember the aforementioned guy and decide to go to two of the three parks, since they can be hit in one day: Fun Spot and Indiana Beach.

We got on the road to FS at about 8am Eastern time and arrived at 10am, so we only had to wait an hour for the park to open. Fun Spot was nice for what it was, but if those Flyers can snap, we just couldn't do it. Three bouts with the Flyers without a snap ticked us off and we went off to the arcade. It was nice to find some old classic games in there like Pac Man, Rampage, and even Mortal Kombat 2.

We went over to Zyclon and they told us the track needed to dry from the morning's rain, so we took a psin on the pirate ship. Nothing new about that one. Another round in the Arcade, and we caught a ride on Zyclon.

I didnt think it was that great, but for what it was, it was okay. I didnt understand why the OTSRs were on it though. I'm guessing its easier on the park monetarily. 3/10

We wandered around the park and saw Afterburner running its first train of people so we walked over there. We did four consecutive laps and I had enough. I liked the ride, but you can only take the same path for so long without wanting to puke. 5/10

We then drove through the rain to IB. Free parking was nice. If you havent been to IB before, I reccommend going. I was caught off guard about how packed it was... Not by people (which it was, but by all the coasters and buildings. They really crammed it all in there. We had to wait an hour for the 4pm ride session bracelets to be sold so we turned and saw it: FASCINATION.

We blew about $10 each on fascination and got our bands. Hoosier Hurricane had just closed so we hopped on Cornball Express. I think Kara said it best: "Shivering What?" Cornball was amazing. Truly a top 10 ride, IMHO, but if I got into that, I'd have a TOS violation on mny hands, and I don't need that blood split. ;) We rode this a total of 6 times. (1 time initially, then 5 more at night.) Dare I say -- middle of the train 8/10, front car, 9/10, back row, 10/10. After the back car ride, I was tempted to call the Beast a kitten, but then I decided they were two totally different rides and could not duke it out.

We then went over and caught Tig'rr. I liked the two high speed turns near the station but I found the rest of the ride, lax. No seat belts helped. 5/10.

We grabbed a bite at the Tig'rr's den (a little overpriced for such a bad burger) and went into Frankenstein's Castle. FC was great. Best three bucks I've spent, lately. I loved the room with the "falling" balcony, and the "door" room. We hid in the mock exits and waited for the large group of ten to come by and scare them as they opened the door... to their enjoyment. Fun was had by all. 6/10

Next: LoCoSuMo. Interesting coaster. I think its great the padding in the cars is seemingly a foot thick. It needed it. We sat backwards in the first car. I wasn't impressed that much, but its fun to have all those turns in such a small space. Now, everyone knows about the "HGIH VOLTAGE" sign at CP. Has anyone noticed the sign on LoCoSuMo with all the health warnings? "Queue" was spelled "quere". Funny stuff I tell you. 5/10.

We hit the Falling Star (4/10), the giant wheel (6/10 for the amazing view), and the sky lift (3/10 because it kept stopping.) About then we headed to the full queue of Den of Lost Thieves. When we were 2 cars away from riding, the Op had to go push a car up the lift ( if you can call it that), then walk the two people out and let them ride individually. I liked this ride, and I scored a 400 using only one gun. I thought two guns would have taken my accuracy away. I cant wait to see PKI's new dark ride. (7/10)

Next was Galaxi. Decent enough. It seemed to be a bigger version of Zyclon, with more 75% more helix with every bite. ;) (4/10)

We went over to Hooier Hurricane and got two rides on that. Great first drop, and extremely smooth! It had some air, but Cornball takes the cake and air. (6/10)

We rode the flume ride, which had nothing to it. (3/10) We then went over and had a Fascination challenge with two guys who were the annoyance of all the ops I do believe we creamed em. One of em was the guest player for like two or three hours. After we caused some havoc there, we got our five evening rides on Cornball and called it a night.

On the drive home I looked at James and said, "Cedar what?" This park had something for all and it should not be missed. 10/10.

"I own you!"
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Glad you had a good time, but you passed on Double Shot?? That's by far *the* best S&S creation out there.

Cool! Another IB fan joins the ranks. For the uninitiated...what are you waiting for? I love to hear the reactions of the IB virgins. My first time was sooo long ago but I still remember it as one of my best days ever. Yeah, I've been to Disney, but for me, IB is the happiest place on Earth!

Two suggestions...First, eat in the Skyroom if you get the chance. Sure, it's a little more expensive but it's money well spent. The best food I've ever had at a park. Second, if you don't have time for the sit down, try the "World's Best Tacos" at the stand on the boardwalk between the Antique Autos and LoCoSuMo. A culinary delight!

400 on DoLT? Let me guess...Car 5, orange guns.

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Nope. Yellow guns... I think car 4.

"I own you!"
-quotes I have been known to exclaim on coasters.

The Den of Lost Thieves was fun, but I only managed to score 60, I found it very tough to get it to work. Funny enough, the operator had to go and push the car several times while we were in line.

Edit: I have to agree with you IBSteve, there's just something about the park that makes it THE best and contrary to my cbuzz name, it is my favorite park. And yes those tacos were tanatalizing!

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Elijah Rock.
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La Vie Boheme!!!

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I love seeing people forget about that hunk of lumber ST after they ride Cornball! There's no doubt that IB has the most fun per square yard of all parks.

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Agreed Spacecase..

Also, my scores on den of lost theives were 180 right hand and 160 left hand.

I am not sure what car I was in but I had green guns. They were not the best. At one point I stuck my right hand gun directly in front of a target and it only registered after about 5 shots.

Anyway, IB was a blast. I will definately make it back next season.

What joe forgot to mention was that at one point in the trip planning we had 7-8 people saying they were going to come with us. Every one dropped out (the last was at 4:00am the morning we were going to leave).

There is no way to accurately describe what the missed.

I know joe wants to go back and "visit" the antique photo place again. (FLASH photography at its best...)

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I knew I forgot something.... :)

So much fun in such a small amount of time...

"I own you!"
-quotes I have been known to exclaim on coasters.

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