8/23 Sylvan Beach

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I know that there are very few people who have heard of it but up on the shores of Onida Lake (New York) there is a little park called Sylvan Beach Amusment Park. They have a Friday night pay one price plan plus I had a buy one get one free coupon so me and a freind went up.
Now this isn't a very big park but it is a nice one. It is kept up nice and has some great arcades. The best part of those is that almost everything is still a quarter. I don't think I have played so much skee-ball in my life before.
Well onto the rides. They have 9 "adult rides" and only one coaster. This is called the Galaxi and if I am not mistaken is a typical SDC creation that can be seen from place to place. For a small ride it gives a pretty good ride. The first two drops did have some good airtime and the rest of the ride wasn't to shabby either. This ride also has a decent veiw of the lights on the lake at night which is cool.
Other rides that they have are a scrambler (Which is the best one I have ever been one. It is the fastest I have ever been on and it is so close to everything it is a really neat ride.
), Tilt-a-Whirl, Rock-O-Planes, and a Bomer ride(I still have bruises from it). They also have the best bumper cars I have ever been on. They have just the right amount for the space and seem to hit a little harder and go a little faster than others. They also have a really cool Pretzal dark ride.
Overall I had a great ime at this park. It just goes to show that you don't need to go to a Six Flags or a Cedar Fair park to have a great time. Also the upkeep of these rides is awsome. All of their rides out perform all of their conterparts in corprate parks. This is a great family park that will hopefully be around for some time to come.

"Enjoy your voyage to the sun on the wings of Apollos Chariot"

Sounds like a nice little park. If you think a quarter is a deal come out to my local arcade which only plays nickels.

I'd rather being riding coasters... or playing Halo:)

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