8/19: Two Park Microtour

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The first of the two parks we (my dad and I) visited was Big Chief Karts & Coasters. After getting unlimited ride bands for the morning session (10-2) we rode the Trojan Horse track first. Perhaps because my kart quit when I tried to leave the pits, I didn't do as well as I would've liked. Next up was Pegasus (# 17). It's a pretty good family coaster- a bit on the rough side (as were all three coasters there), but up to a point, that's good in a woodie.

After that, we rode the Turbo Track. If I recall correctly, my dad got a "dud" kart on that one. Following Turbo Track, we rode Cyclops (#18). I noticed while the air on "the drop" was pretty good, it wasn't as extreme as I'd heard. That was to change later.

Post Cyclops, we headed to the Poseidon track- the first of two that had some very noticeable air! I got a pretty good kart. Dad thought that Poseidon was the best track there, and I think I agree with him Following that, we rode Zeus (#19). Both of us really liked Zeus, mainly due to its speed and forcefulness. It may not actually be "the fastest wooden coaster in the midwest", but it sure feels like it!

After Zeus, we headed for the Medusa's Drop track, in part out of curiosity- why did it have "drop" in its name? It turns out it has a sizeable straight triple down. This was the second air-producing track. The Titan's Tower track was up next. The kart I got had practically no power at all! We then proceeded to ride the (quite rough in places) Castle track. I got another pretty bad kart. Next,we rode the Camelot track.

By that point, we had done everything we wanted to do, so we did some things again. Poseidon was the first of these, followed by Zeus. We rode in the very back row, which made it even more forceful! By then, we had time for one more ride. We chose Cyclops. This time, we rode in the front row of the last car (would've done the back row, but we couldn't find the seatbelt). Finally, there was HUGE air on "the drop"! I was not touching the seat or floor of the car at all!

With our wristbands now expired, we headed for the second park of the day: Little A-Merrick-A. Our first ride there was the Mad Mouse (#20, and my first wild mouse). It's a fun, forceful little ride. Next we did the go-karts. Following that, we rode the bumper cars. I found that having driven go-karts a lot that day made me want to drive defensively- just what you don't want to do on bumper cars!

Afterward, we rode the park's overhead monorail- the cars of which reminded me of Arrow looper cars. Post that, we rode the very interesting Wild & Wooly Toboggan coaster (#21). On account of my height, my head was jammed into the ceiling padding in that little car! Still, it was a fun ride. Finally, we played the park's mini golf course.

Overall, my dad and I had a great day, and I've now ridden most of the (non-kiddie) coasters in my home state!

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