8/11/2: Hersheypark and how I mourned the Whizzer

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While staying in Philadelphia on my family's annual road trip, we were looking for things to do in the rest of the state as we would be taking the PA turnpike through much of the state on the way home. My dad suggested a couple of things, including Hersheypark, Dorney Park, or Dutch Wonderland. Surprising from him because I figured one park (BGW) would be enough for him on this trip. I suggested Kennywood, and we pretty much narrowed it down to Kennywood and Hersheypark. As we approached Harrisburg, I realized what day it was. Saturday, August the 10th. *sigh* Only one more day for all of you lucky Chicagolandites to ride the classic Whizzer. And *sigh* I'm a thousand miles away. Hey, wait a minute. Hershey's got a classic Schwarzkopf. We could go there tomorrow. Park closes at 11:00 PM Eastern time. SFGAm closes at 10:00 PM Central time. I could marathon on one of the Whizzer's coaster siblings while mourning the loss and celebrating the history of the Whizzer. So it was set. Hersheypark on Sunday the 11th.

Pulling into the parking lot, I began to think maybe I should have picked Kennywood. Cars were everywhere. and it was only 10:00 AM. Rides don't open until 10:30. Geez. We parked and started a great ways to the enterance (we didn't know about the tram) all the while bumping into random things as my mind was preoccupied by the Hersheypark skyline. The Wildcat, Great Bear, and Sidewinder were the only things visible as of yet. We (me, dad, preteen sis and toddler bro) marched down the hill to the enterance which reminded me a whole lot of BGW. Cut right past the lines to get in by using the stroller line and we were in. After deciding when and where to meet, we were off to our own business.

Sidewinder: (+2) (5 times) First traditional boomerang for me and I honestly don't know why people detest these things. First ride was in the front. Sure, there was a little jab in the cobra roll, but that's to be expected. I found going through the loop backwards to be pretty unnerving myself and the floater air down the first drop was great. What I find odd is that while most praise Deja vu and bash Boomerangs, I now praise Sidewinder and despise Deja vu.

Lightning Racer: (+2.5) (3 on Lightning and 2 on Thunder) We got to the Racer after Sidewinder to find no line as of yet. Got in the 3rd row of Lightning. Trains were really nice but I didn't like how you couldn't leave the lap bars up my traditional inch. First and second drops were great as were the first turnarounds but I didn't really get into the 2nd half of the course into the second half of the day. Really fun to watch the other train mimic yours in "synchronized coasting." Smooth as glass, but I was dissappointed in the lack of air.

Wildcat: (+2) (3 times) I'm not much of a fan of laterals, so this isn't my kind of ride. Like LR but this one felt like it was going to throw me out at every turn. A little rough in the front of each car but intollerable in the back. I hope this isn't a sign for all GCI's

Wild Mouse: (+1) (1 time) Just like BGW's version, but without all the gut bashing breaks. A fun ride with very little line.

Roller Soaker: (+1) (1 time) This is the ride we should have gone to first. I thought there would still be short lines after riding the 4 preceeding coasters, but I guess I was wrong. Oh, well. There wasn't a better line in the park to spend an hour in. Never had I been so drenched in my life. Then they give you a little bit of time outside the "wet" area to dry off before boarding so you'll appreciate the dryness you once had when you sit down in your soaked seat. Correction. Now is where I have never been more soaked in my life. Water curtains, guns, fountains....there's no end to the wetness.

Trailblazer: (-2) (1 time) Never have I loathed a ride so much. It's boring. My knees hurt. It's just not fun. They should replace it with a real family coaster....like the Whizzer. *sigh*

Great Bear: (+3.5) (2 times) I've heard a lot of bad things about this ride, how it's the worst B&M inverted etc. but I for one really liked this ride and I don't really know why. The top of the lift turnaround was a nice build up to the drop. It was mixed in with every, and I do mean EVERY ride in Comet Hollow. Anywhere you go you can get a picturesque view.

Comet: (+3.5) (2 times) I love so much about this ride. the slanted and curved station. The crooked lift hill. The great ejector air on the first 2 drops over water. My favorite ride in the park.

Sooperdooperlooper: (+2.5) (5-6 times) Everything seems really nice and in place on this ride. Nice airtime drop, loop with lapbars, helix reminiscent of the Whizzer's. *sigh* A good less talked about coaster with the benefit of having absolutely no wait.

I rode some other random rides as well.

Chaos: Not nearly as good as I expected one of these to be. Then again I was fussing with my glasses to make sure they wouldn't fall off the whole ride.

Tidal Force: Correction. Now never had I been so soaked in my life. When we hit the water, it all went in directions away from the boat. I figured I wouldn't get very wet from it as the water was about to come down, missing the boat. Boy, was I wrong. Not even the fat guy sitting in front of me saved me from being completely submerged in water.

Giant Wheel: Last surviving of it's type. Glad I got on this one, because I never got the chance to ride SFGAm's Sky Whirl.

Whip: Please tell me this isn't the ride everyone seems to love at Kennywood. Please tell me there's is much better. The turns at each end were slow enough to bore me.

When night time came, all the lights went on in the park making the park extremely beautiful. But I never really got much chance to ride at night because my dad wanted to leave at around 8:30. No Sooperdooperlooper marathon for me. But I did squeeze one ride in which satisfied me on the way out.

Yes, I know now that the Whizzer is staying *yipee* but I was without internet access for the past 2 weeks and assumed everything was going according to plan.

Glad you liked HP! Don't go looking for airtime on any GCI.

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

There's air on GCI's... its just hard to find.

I always found air on LR and Wild Cat (front seat of each)... not masive, violent, "butt slamming"air, but more the floating variety.

Now some say that there is "lots of air" on Roar (GCI @ SFA), but I have never found it.

Kind of hard to take a post as objective if a park or coaster name is part of the "user name"

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First off, God bless the Griswold scale...

Secondly, I thought Lightning Racer had some pretty good air in the back, especially in the first part of the course. It isn't really violent, though...

Yep... It is PICTURES now... http://www.loopscrew.com

Glad you had fun. HP has the slowest whip I know of. I think it is the only ride at HP that I don't care for. That and the slides behind WC.

-KoRn is the Millennium Force of ROCK-

Whats a Giant Wheel? A ferris Wheel?

Im the #1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!!These are my top 3 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Yankee Cannonball 3. Cyclone/B:TDK

Giant Wheel is one of those double armed Intamin Wheels (while one raised and turning, the other is on the ground loading).

Not to be confused with a more traditional ferris wheel.

Hershey has both the Giant Wheel (in Carrousel Circle) and a more traditional Ferris Wheel (Midway America).

Kind of hard to take a post as objective if a park or coaster name is part of the "user name"

It's great Hershey maintains their classic rides like the intamin double wheel for us to ride, instead of removing them for mediocre attractions like Paramount and Six Flags (sky whirls). I think there is another one still operarting at Wonderland in Sydney Australia. I believe it is the Zodiac that came from Kings Island, back when it had magic.

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