8/1 to 8/14: IOA and Cedar Point

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August 1st I flew to Orlando, FL from Maryland to see my friend who just moved to Orlando a few months ago. We went to Universal 3 times for the week. Also went to Cedar Point with my brother on August 11th, 12th and 13th. Here are some notes.

In line for Hulk the very first time in the morning of 8/3, my dumb self didn't eat or drink all morning, so I fainted from the heat inside the Hulk building. Kinda funny when I look back on it, but at the time, my bro, my friend George and my friend Steph were confused. Nothing to note except Hulk and Dragons were awesome.

Now fast forward days later to Cedar Point. I arrived in Sandusky after a 7 hour drive and after I check in at the hotel, went to the park for a starlight ticket. Only rides I rode were Magnum, Corkscrew, Iron Dragon and Gemini. Then I had to get back in time to see WWE Raw :P Magnum is over rated. Superman at SFA is much better.

Next day we ride the rest. Millennium Force gets stuck on the hill, and is down for 30 minutes. I witness such nice things.....PKD in October, the DC Sniper shoots somebody 5 minutes from park, we stranded till 4 am. PKD in March, Drop Zone is stuck at the top from the rain. SFA in July, I was in line for Two Face when it gets stuck for 2 and a half hours. Now I see the Force stuck. It was a cool ride though. Superman on steroids Then I wait 3 hours for Dragster, witness a train rollback 2 times in a row. So after that, the two back cars were emptied every ride after that the rest of the night. It was too windy for a full train. Nice ride, scary, but the launch is a lot better on HyperSonic. S&S has Intamins number.

Next day I waited only 40 minutes for a smooth running Dragster. Then when I got off the ride, some guy came up to me, and told me he needed a riding partner, he had some pass to get right on the ride, so we went through the exit, and I had one of the shortest waits for Dragster, no wait at all. :) It's cool, I say everybody should check it out at least once. But I got to give my HyperSonic the title, it was challenged, but it's still the better ride. But Millennium Force gets all the credit it deserves, definitely a new favorite on my list.

Wow, 40 min. for Dragster. Seems like the hype about the ride is already gone. :-)

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hypersonic is better? Maybe you didn't realize you were going 120mph, or notice you were 420feet in the air.
.. or maybe it's his own opinion that Hypersonic is better..

Not everyone agree's with everyone about rides. Lord knows my #1, most people can't "stand" it.. ;)

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Well, HXLC's launch is much faster, but speed and height arn't the only requirements for a great ride.

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