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Road trip to Michigan's Adventure with Linda, Ian and Donna! I arrived at Linda & Ian's at 8:00; we left around 8:15 to pick up Donna and head out to the west side of Michigan. I hadn't been to Michigan's Adventure in over 3 years, not since I went with a friend from up north, so Linda said I should expect to see some changes. Cedar Fair (the same company who owns Cedar Point) had purchased the park and were making changes. We were expecting it to rain all day, but on the way out there - there was only rain around Grand Rapids and it cleared up before we arrived at the park.

We split up right away, planning to meet by Corkscrew at 1 pm for lunch. Donna and Ian went one way, Linda & I headed for Shivering Timbers. There was hardly anyone in the park so we were on the coaster right away (it's one of the big perks of MI Adv.; there aren't huge crowds so no long waits!). The coaster is just awesome! We went back toward the front of the park to see if the MadMouse was running yet. It wasn't, so we went walking around to see what all had changed in the park. Went to Corkscrew next; it's a LOT smaller than Cedar Point's as it doesn't have a vertical loop. But still a cute little ride. Next, we walked back to Wolverine Wildcat and sat in the back. (The back of WW is rougher than the whole Son of Beast at PKI, in my humble opinion!) Rode Shivering Timbers again, then went back and saw that MadMouse was up and running.

We waited in line for a little while for MadMouse; in fact, it was our longest line of the day at maybe 20-25 minutes! It's a steel mouse ride with very sharp turns. My screams on that were legit - it startled me just a little bit! LOL After MadMouse, it was time to meet up with Ian and Donna for lunch.

Lunch was... okay. My tastebuds anticipated more out of my chicken breast sandwich than they actually tasted. Half my potato chips blew away in the wind too. LOL Ian and Donna decided to go back to the car to get their swimwear for the waterpark, so Linda and I went to Zach's Zoomer, a rather kiddy-sized coaster. (Have to pull your knees in as an adult or they are going to slam against the front of the car!) It was quite the zippy little ride, actually.

We decided we wanted ice cream, but made the choice to walk back to the HydroBlaster and play the odds on not getting soaked. The silly two of us were the only ones fully-clothed. And I had my shoes on! Everyone else was wearing swimclothes. LOL I was more scared going down that tube on a raft than I've ever been on a coaster! I only screamed at the end with the last drop off though. Wet-pants and all, we went for our swirl soft serve then went to Logger's Run, the other non-soaking, water ride. It was nice and relaxing actually. We then headed back to the Wolverine Wildcat again. Sat up front this time, which was a much smoother ride. (Linda then told me that the same company who made the Meanstreak @ CP also made the Wildcat... that explains so much!) Rode the Sea Dragon (pirate boat that swings back and forth). Back around again to Shivering Timbers and we rode it a couple times in a row then, I think, as well as we rode the Timbertown train.

It was time to check out the little rides, so we went on Thunderbolt, Tilt-A-Whirl (whee!) and the Falling Star. Falling Star was also one that could make you cry out a little, just from the forces pushing you around in the seat. It was a blast! Linda & I went back toward the MadMouse, then decided we'd go looking for her son and his girlfriend as it was nearing 5 p.m. While on MadMouse, we discovered they were in line behind us! So we waited for them; found out they were both having a great time too and off we went together to ride some more.

The four of us then went to Shivering Timbers again. By then, Linda & I had been on it for our 7th time. LOL It was running fast by the late afternoon. Went to Thunderbolt again and Falling Star, then back around to the Wolverine Wildcat. Had a front row seat this time! Back to Shivering Timbers for a couple more rides. Then, Linda & I got Ian to go on Tilt-A-Whirl with us. With 3 of us, it spun almost constantly. Donna said that ours was spinning more than any other car on the ride. Whee! In the end, I'd been on Shivering Timbers 8 times and Linda 9!

We left around 7 p.m., deciding we'd done about everything, and drove back to Alpine (outside Grand Rapids) to go to Cracker Barrel. Leaving there after a tasty dinner, we watched a lightning storm while driving home. Didn't rain again 'til we hit Lansing which was great, considering it was supposed to have stormed all day while we were at the park! Had a wonderful time with my Coaster Buddy and her family.

TheRealCP :)

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