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Thursday, July 12, 2001 3:54 PM
Following some advice of fellow Buzzers (Grant and Enigma13) we arrived at BGW at 6:30 PM Mon. evening. I must admit, the parking lot was pretty full and I wasn't so sure if we were going to be able to pull off riding all the coasters, but we went in anyway.
I'm not sure how long the wait time was for all the rides (because I wasn't wearing a watch, duh!) but, I know that by 8:00 PM we had ridden AC (2nd row), BBW (2 times- front row, 1st car and 3rd car front row) and Alpegiest (1 time, back row).
All of the coasters were AWESOME! Each one was unique and delivered quite a punch!!!
AC was an airtime machine. I hear people compare this ride to Nitro but, I'm not sure I can. AC really seemed to have a lot more of the positive G's at the bottoms of the hills than Nitro. I must say I was pleasantly surprised! I love "+" G's!
I was totally blown away by the front row seat on BBW. (The only other suspended coaster I have ridden is the Iron Dragon at CP, and I really liked that ride but BBW ROCKS!!!) All I can say is FAST, FURIOUS and FUN!
Alpengiest was the ride I expected to be my favorite at BGW ( I love foot chopper effects). It was really fast and I loved the huge Cobra Roll but, I can't say it 'unseated' any of my current favorite coasters. (Maybe I was expecting too much, who knows maybe Talon at Dorney will meet my expectations!)
At 8:00 PM we then grabbed a funnel cake and a water and headed back over to Alpengiest to wait for the front row. I first time we rode it the wait for the front was like 40 minutes, so we didn't wait. I was very happy to see a 4 car wait for the front when we returned!!!
We then headed over for a back row ride on Nessie. I really enjoyed this coaster because it was "my-first". I was like 10 and I made my whole family wait for me because no one would ride it with me and I just HAD to ride it! The loops are as cool as I remember, I just love the way that that ride throws you out of your seat over the hills and into the loops. To me those hills feel different (more out of your seat) than the newer ones which are steeper but, I don't know why.
Next we headed over to check out the 3-D Pirate Adventure. It was pretty cool. Some of the effects were really 3-D and I loved the water drops they hit you with.
We then grabbed a cheese burger and some fries and headed back over to AC for one final ride. By 9:30 PM we were on our way home and VERY happy!!!
Overall, the waits were like 15 minutes at the most for any seat and a little longer for the front but, not very much. I think we waited the longest for the front row of BBW and it was a 6 train wait. The park was very pretty and it did have a very nice atmosphere. I will definetly return (hopefully, when I have more time)! The only thing I could ask for is...for Drachen Fire to be running...that ride looks awesome! The loop looks insane and I love its colors! *** This post was edited by jgfama on 7/12/2001. ***
Thursday, July 12, 2001 3:59 PM
jgfama said - Alpengeist was the ride I expected to be my favorite at BGW, because I LOVE floorless coasters.

Hello, Alpengeist is NOT A FLOORLESS coaster, it's a INVERTED!!!!!!

SFGAm Trip - July 13-17, 2001
Thursday, July 12, 2001 4:03 PM
Yeah i went there this year around easter and the park wasnt crowded at all.my friends last year for there 6th grade trip and rode Apollo 18 times front seat none stop!

Cedar Point, doesn't get any better then that:)
Thursday, July 12, 2001 4:04 PM
Yeah, but considering that they DON'T HAVE a floorless coaster there and the inverted coasters give you very much the same foot chopper effects...I was expecting it to be one of my favorites!!! Sorry if I worded it confusing!!!
There I changed it! *** This post was edited by jgfama on 7/12/2001. ***
Friday, July 13, 2001 5:53 AM
BBW is awesome, poor man's front is my favorite on that ride for some reason, it's good to be blocked by one row of heads for effect. We rode Iron Dragon and it was nothing like BBW, we were confused! Anyways, about the time school gets ready to start, BGW gets real crowded. Last season, about the first week of August, the place was insane, a couple of weeks ago, it was more crowded at the shops than anything, free run on rides.
Friday, July 13, 2001 6:00 AM
Compared to Talon, Alpengeist now seems almost "gentle" which is because it is larger and spread out more. You will love Talon.

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