7/25 Great adventure

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Friday, July 27, 2001 5:47 AM
We decided on wednsday to make the 2.5 hour trek despite the extreme humidity. Once we get out of the car in the parking lot, the heat hit us like a rush. But one good thing about it the crowds were really light and very well behaved, if not pretty friendly. I'll break it down ride by ride.

Nitro-3 laps- We used the fastpass to ride row seven then rode the front the other two times. The back is definitly more intense in the helix but I like going down the hill in the front seat.

Medusa-1 lap- I like this ride but it's definitly not my favorite. The floorless effect doesn't really seem like a big deal and it seems a bit rough in some areas, especially in the seat on the end. It's probably worth more then one lap though, but I wanted to get back to the other side of the park.

BTR-1 lap- Rode this one in the fastpass row and it seems to be a bit more intense there then closer to the front. Fun little b&m inverted.

Blackbeards- Fun little family coaster with an extremely long train.

Rolling thunder- Rode the left side. I can't believe how much better this side is then the right side. It's seems to have little hints of airtime here and there and is not nearly as rough. I wish sf would rehab this coaster, I think it would be worth putting some work into.

Skull Mountain-Not a bad dark ride but could use some effects.

Freefall- This was my first time on one of the first gens. My change freefell out of my pocket.

Time Warp- Another first for me. Very good flat ride that should be in more parks.

Pendelum- Another awesome flat ride that should be in more parks.

Houdini- This is a good ride to get out of the heat and relax a bit. People still can't figure out what this ride does. It's always funny to see the faces on the little kids on this one.

Buccaneer- Good pirate ship ride with the best restraints I've ever seen on one of these.

Saw mill and riptide-I'm getting some strange addiction to log flume rides. You gotta love the fact that this park has two of them. I always hate getting soaked, these are good for a little splash, sometimes a little more.

In all it was a really good day. The lines were short all day. The crews keep the lines going real fast. Most of the flat rides were open with the exception of about five or six. When we waited for nitro, we were out by the sign, it took us 12 minutes to get to the steps. This was one of the best days I've ever had at a park. The only real negative thing on the day was that when they feel like closing a flat ride for the day they just close it. Little did I know we had the last ride on time warp at around five o'clock. I asked the guy what was wrong and he said they need us to op other rides.

Good luck in philly j.r.

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