7/21/04 Cedar Point

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The day truly began at 5:40 AM when my alarm had been sounding for 3 minutes and I woke up with a start, wondering, "What in the world is going on here?" Haha - I couldn't remember why I was supposed to be waking up so early! Anyway, I made it to CPLady's before 7 AM as requested and in moments, we were on the road.

Traffic - thankfully - wasn't too bad for being Wednesday morning rush hour through Toledo. Despite the construction, we made it through I-280 with no problem. We pulled into Cedar Point minutes after 9 AM so we did pretty good!

We found bholcomb at Top Thrill Dragster and got in line for our morning ride. The wait was only 15 minutes or so which was great. We all rode in the last couple of seats. I learned first-hand that the ride ops can no longer help with buckling seatbelts if you have any trouble with it. My trouble tends to be that I need to SEE what I'm doing to get a seatbelt latched; the way the seats are setup, I have trobule seeing the belt so it makes it harder for me to get in quickly. At any rate, I was strapped in and off we went for a good ride. Sadly, no rollback still!

Rode both sides of Power Tower with a minimal wait. :)

Next, we went over to Millenium Force. First, the line was already an hour long! Second, I tried the test seat, having heard all the stories of people not fitting. Alas, I was one of them. bholcomb said that the belt was missing by 1/2" or so. Needless to say, I need to lose some more weight again to get back on my favorite coaster. CPLady's son and his girlfriend went ahead and rode; the three of us headed on without them.

CPLady, bholcomb and I went to Magnum XL200 and rode that twice as a walk-on. :) It was trim-free so that was great! We went past Gemini next but only red train was running so we opted to wait until they were racing. Walking back to Meanstreak, we decided to "brave" it once more - all the trims that were not at Magnum were at Meanstreak instead! It was like... start down the hill and slam on the brakes all the way down. Yikes!

We next headed to White Water Landing since we were already dripping with sweat and could stand to cool off. Hadn't been on that in a while so that was a nice ride. From there, we decided to catch Cedar Creek Mine Ride and joked that their spiel could say, "We're going to drop you down 5' on the first hill!" Haha.

We caught back up with Ian and Donna and went to Meanstreak again with them; the second ride was much better than the first, it seemed. :) We then headed to Gemini, seeing that both trains were running and rode that twice. Both times, the trains seemed to tie! Go figure.

Had lunch at Midway Market, after running beneath the cable car that everyone else took. Of anything, I'm most afraid of the cable cars! Haha - I beat them there even having to dodge pedestrian traffic. ;)

After lunch, bholcomb had to go to work so the 4 of us set out. Donna wanted to "get wet," so we went to Thunder Canyon. They couldn't convince CPLady and I to ride, so we became the "locker" as it were and watched them from the observation deck. It took 3 rides for them to both get wet, if you can imagine. What are the odds?

The 1960s show was great. :)

Back around Frontiertown we went to get another ride on Magnum, making the personal total for the day at three. We then went wandering again back toward the front of the park to ride Chaos and Wicked Twister. A good time was had by all. :) Up there, we decided to go to Disaster Transport only because we figured the a/c would be on in the queue. Well, it wasn't. But we waited anyway... for some reason. Hah!

From there - after getting glasses of ice water! - we went to Blue Streak and had a good ride. No actual wait either! (Where was everybody?) We were able to see the line for Raptor from Blue Streak obviously and could see it had a short wait too, so that was our next stop.

Second to last seat ride on Raptor was fun - I so love that coaster. :) We had to wait a bit outside the station as they had a clean up to do... eep! But then we were on our way. Through this time, we were trying to connect with HeyIsn'tThatRob? and finally managed to see him while we waited around the Magnum exit (since we were parked in the back). We chatted for awhile then headed out, exhausted from the heat, humidity and the mighty pace we'd taken over the whole day.

Had dinner at Cracker Barrel (yum) in Sandusky and hit the road to go home by 11 PM. *** Edited 7/22/2004 8:14:50 PM UTC by TheRealCP***


"You had a rollback? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

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Awesome TR Catherine!

Mean Streak has gotten it's groove again this year, but THOSE brakes, ugh, I remember. Still, much improved from previous years. Magnum is just getting better/more insane/more chaotic!

Glad to hear you guys got some more Dragstergasms. :-)

Looks like you hit CP on a relatively non-crowded day, which I have found to be rare in July. If I remember correctly the crowds were like sardines last year during July and August.


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Actually, it was pretty busy there! We just had really really good timing throughout the day, it seemed!


"You had a rollback? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

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