7/17/03 - 7/18/03 Two awesome days at Cedar Point

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We drove from Pittsburgh to Cedar Point. Got there around 3:00. We were staying at Sandcastle Suites. Me, my dad and my brother were going to get twilight passes at 5:00. I swam at the pool until 4. At that time dragster wasn't working and i was getting worried that i wasn't gonna ride. Then my dad said he saw it roll back. I knew that was a good sign so I went to the parking lot to watch. They launched one and it made it over easy so I went inside until 5. At 5 we bought our tickets and ran to Dragster.
DRAGSTER - The line was about at the pop machines so that was good. But, as soon as we got in line it rolled back. They reset the system. Arms down, head back, and hold on. It launched and everyone held there breath. The train barely made it over but everyone cheered. Then it almost made it over but rolled back. I realized something. If most of the people put their hands up it would roll back. so we all screamed hands down, and it cleared the top easy. 1 hr later the words Arms down, head back, and hold on are scorched into my brain. We get into the station and pick the shortest line. I start to get nervous and wasnt thinking when they stapled me in. OUCH. My train rolled slowly into the launch position and i watched the tree with all concentration. Then the famous saying. Then we took off. It all happenned so fast i don't remember anything but the launch and the view from 420 FEET!!. That was an awesome first ride.

Millennium Force- The line was short so we got in line. 30 minutes later I was back on my favorite ride in the world. I saw that support that they trimmed, too. That is definetley my favorite ride.

Raptor- My little brother just broke the 54" mark and wanted to ride raptor. I didnt ride it last year and wanted to ride it too. Only one critizicism. The last turn into the brakes rattles your head so bad you get a headache.

Wicked Twister- Rode in the back seat. The back is easily the best seat on the ride. Twisting backwards 215 feet is awesome.


Got up at 7:45 ate breakfast and got to the line to get in at 8:50. Dragster was closed in the morning, and the hopefuls were outside the fence. So we went to MF.

Millennium Force- 15 minute wait. Rode it with my mom and brother. Got the 4th row.

Mantis- Like I said earlier my little bro is 54" now so he wanted to ride. It had just opened and there was a 5 min wait. I dont know what the heck was going on but when we went through the incline loop and the second half of the ride, the high G's made my legs hurt so bad I was screaming in pain. I decided I wasnt going on Mantis again today.

Power Tower- My first time on the drop side. It only was a 10 min wait. Scared the crap out of me. I counted to 10 and got a little worried. "What if im stuck up here all day". But it dropped on 15.

Magnum- 10 minute wait. Still a great ride, but in great need of repainting.

Blue Streak- My moms favorite ride. Ive never seen more than a 5 min wait but there was a 20 min wait. Strange.

Wicked Twister Again- That ride is great in the back.

We met up with my family at 12 and had lunch at the burger place under corkscrew.
Then TTD started working. I wanted to wait but the line was back to the station. My dad said we should ride the shot side of power tower.

Power Tower- Shot side 10 min wait.

Dragster attempt #2- Got in line. Dragster would launch 2 then break down. Then launch 2 then break down. We got to the last switchback and it did the lauch sequence 3 times and broke until 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
We got out of line in 20 mins. Waited 1hr40mins total

Raptor Again- 30 minute wait. This time I braced my self for the last turn. Someone threw up and they only ran 2 trains loaded.

Wicked Twister again- 30 min wait for the back seat again.

TTD attempt#3- Me and my brother sat in line for 56 minutes until the station without one breakdown. We were 3rd in line for the second row and the train launching did the launch sequence and didnt go. Me and my brother looked at eachoter and said Noooooooooooooo. It was the same thing that happenned earler. "uests in linne TTD is down due to mechanical diffuculties, we dont know how long this is going to take to fix". We waited 1hr more and left. 2hrs wasted.

Magnum Again- 15 min wait for the middle cause some one threw up. They only ran 2 loaded trains.

We left the park at 9 for Pittsburgh and a 3 hr drive. I am glad I got that twilight ticket or I wouldnt have gotten to ride Dragster.


Power Tower-2
Blue Streak-1
"Top Thrill Line"-2

16 rides for 28 minutes of ride time

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