7/15-7/16: Cedar Point & Soak City

Hey guys, we did a day at Cedar Point (7/15) and a day at Soak City (7/16) and had a great time. We stayed at Hotel Breakers.

So we started the day off early to head out to the Point on Thursday morning. We get there around 9 because we wanted to take advantage of the Early Entry. Check in went smooth, but they say the rooms are never really ready until like 4. Ok... Anyways, so we get our tickets and head into the park. At this time it's like 9:30 so the Early Ride time really wouldn't be much at this point. We go straight to Maverick. The line is all the way back to the Swings, because it was apparently closed. It opens up right when we get in line. Awesome! So as we walk with the line over to the queues it closes again. Great. So we decide not to wait and it is like 5 to 10:00 so we walk over to do Gemini first. Walked on and sat in the front. This was my best ride on Gemini yet. It seemed so smooth. Love this ride. Next we walk over to Magnum and walk on. Magnum was a little rough in the morning but still really do like the ride.

Starting over in the back of the park is the way to go. No lines to start off the day.

Next we decide to do all the rides over in Frontier Town and then work our way forward. We walk about to Mine Ride. Closed... Ok, moving onto Skyhawk. It was like a 5 minute wait. Next we did Mean Streak. Walk on and we sat in the front row. MS was well, MS...

Next we decided to have lunch. We ate at a place I think called the Saloon I think. We got caesar salads which were good. The menu is very limited in there though. They seemed to have a fly problem too. I don't think we will be returning there again anytime soon.

So now it's getting pretty hot and head to Shoot the Rapids. Closed. That sucked, so we walk over to get a locker and then ride Thunder Canyon. Thunder Canyon was maybe a 10 minute wait. We got pretty wet. So we walk back over to STR and it's still closed. So next we go to Millennium Force. We waited about an hour. While in line I put a 5 in the vending machine and it ate my 5 but did give me my water. I was supposed to get 2 bucks back. CP needs to fix there vending machines around the park. They eat money. The same thing happened when I was getting a locker. It ate a dollar of mine. Anyways, love MF still after 10 years. Check on STR again and yes! It's open! We get in line and must say all the stories that I have heard of this ride seemed so untrue which I will get too. First of all everyone says it never has a big line, well guess what? This day it had a 45 minute wait with all the turnstiles being used. We did wait about an hour however because they added a boat on. The line seems to move kind of slow. The train crossing is a major pain. The ride though is AWESOME. We loved it. The tunnel is awesome and so are the hills. The boats did not flood one bit like others have said. The boats also move at a good pace unlike what others have said. Everything people said about the ride was the complete opposite. Awesome ride CP. Just please get those kinks worked out.

Next we walk over to Mine Ride and yay it's open. Waited 5 minutes. Mine Ride is still a good ride after all of these years. Next we begin to walk over to the front of the park to do the rides up there. On our way we stop and get some fries with cheese and garlic. They were SO good. Worth the 5 bucks.;)

So we get over to Sky Ride and take that up to the front. We rode Disaster Transport and maybe waited 20 minutes. Still a great ride. Seemed a little rough though which is weird. Maybe because we were in the back? Next we wait about 10 minutes to ride the Giant Wheel. After that we head over to Blue Streak and wait maybe 5 minutes. Blue Streak still rocks.

Now it's dinner time so we head over to TGI Friday's and have dinner. Friday's was great with awesome service. After that we decide to go swimming at the pool and hang out at the beach for a little. The pool at Breakers is very nice and so is the beach. After that we head back to the room to take a little rest and watch TV. At 9 we head back into the park for an hour. We rode Magnum, Gemini, and Maverick. Oh and we got an elephant ear. Elephant ears are just too good.

Maverick was great that night. Maybe it was it being night that made it better? It was my best ride on it yet. It's such a great ride.

So that was our day at CP. Friday (7/16) we did Soak City.

Soak City is a really good water park in my opinion. We got there right at 10 which I suggest to EVERYONE. There were like no lines for the first hour. It did get crowded later around noon. All the slides are really fun at Soak City. It was my first time in years and was a little hesitant after hearing reviews. It was a great and the slides were pretty intense actually. The only slides that were just OK was Eerie Falls. I expected more... We ate lunch at Soak City and also went to the challenge park and watched my friend ride Skyscraper. I would never do that. After that we concluded our CP trip. It was definitely a great trip and Hotel Breakers is a great hotel. Our room was very nice. I did notice a little wear and tear here and there but overall it was great. The TV's could definitely be updated to flat screens but other than that the suite was great.

The end.:)

I can't believed you skipped out on Wicked Twister, Raptor, Mantis, and Top Thrill Dragster. Why?

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