70s/80s Cedar Point footage

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Before the Gemini drop out of the station was re-profiled - and no seat padding! Old Blue Streak, etc. Demon Drop only drops 99 feet, interesting.


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Yeah, and watch how Demon Drop moves cars through that ride. That was really a thing of beauty to see them all moving like that.

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"In the 1960's, Cedar Point built it's first roller coaster... The Blue Streak"

I know these are fluff pieces, but it's always easy to notice when the news gets easy-to-get-right info completely wrong... Makes one wonder what else they get wrong in everyday reporting.

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I noticed that too. They could have simply replaced the word *first* with the word *oldest* and it would have still got the point across while being truthful.


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Give Leon a break. That dude was on TV when it was black-and-white.

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They should have brought back Ted Henry.

Sounded like there was a wounded wild animal along for the Gemini ride. And its funny to hear people talk about the fact that the Demon Drop was computer controlled making it more scary.

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