7 Parks in 7 days. #4 SFGAdv 6/3

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Who said Six Flags sucks? This park was great. I loved every minute of it. I went back to Super Man, but it wasn’t open yet so I rode Scream. Good ride. SM still down so I headed over to Rolling Thunder. Great ride and SF lets you reride if no one else is in line.

Viper was down so I headed over to Medusa. Great ride. I rode it several times throughout the day. I have never met a B&M that I didn’t like. I tried some ride snipering after reading the thread a few weeks ago. I only did it if I could clearly see three people waiting for a row when we entered the station and I asked if the people minded if I rode with them. It worked on Medusa, but the ride ops did not allow it on Nitro.

One quick ride on Runaway Mine Train was enough for me. Not a bad ride, just that I hate those one size fits all lap bars. Save this one for the kids.

Super Man was finally running and I got a few front seat rides during the day. I can’t wait to see what CP does with the flying coaster if the rumors are true. Went over to Nitro and got in line, but it broke down so I headed over for a ride on Bat Man. Great ride and nice new paint.

Got in line for Nitro again and it broke down again so I headed over to Chiller. Only the Robin side was running and it is one great ride. I wish the Batman side were running, I’ll just have to make another trip some day.

Back doing rerides, I saw that Viper was open. Man, I thought that my head was going to snap off. One ride was enough. It can brake down and stay broke.

I finally got on Nitro. Man what a ride. This blows the doors off everything that I have ever been on. It is now my favorite ride. Best ridden in the back. One thing that I heard a rider say after the ride was “This coaster was built by God.” That about sums it up. This one coaster alone is worth the trip to SFGAdv. I rode and rerode this coaster several times. It is now my favorite steel coaster.

I almost missed Skull Mountain thinking that it was a water ride. Not a bad coaster, a lot of fun.

I rode BM 4 times in the back seat without exiting the train. Rerides are great.

I finished up the day riding Nitro several times. I got in the back row for one last ride and when we returned, there was only people waiting for the front two rows. The ride ops were not going to let us reride, but then gave in and let us reride on the last train of the day. What a way to finish the day. *** Edited 6/7/2004 3:12:01 PM UTC by CP ismyhome***

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

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