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Another great SF park. I went back to SMROS first thing when the park opened but it was still testing so I went back to Batwing. It's your average Vecoma flyer, but still a good ride. Two train operation but only one side of the station was being used? Loadinf was a little slow but not too bad.

SMROS still not open so I headed over to the Joker's Jinx. I spotted a Chaos, one of my favorite rides and I had to ride. The car that I got didn't spin much, I was disappointed. I noted that it was car #4 and got back in line and got a different car this time. It was a much better ride this time. Now to JJ. What a great ride. I love it in the dark with Flight of Fear ond I love it in the open with JJ. I don't know how different the layouts are, but it is a great ride.

SMROS finally opens and I get in line for the front seat. The loading is slow and they are only running one train. If people could only follow directions. The ride ops have to check the seat belt now and then they go back and push down the lap bar and fasten the second bent. The tell everyone not to touch the lap bar, but someone always has to pull it down and then they have to unlock the train and recheck everything. The fast Lane thing slows things down a lot too. Train enters station, people get off, they have to get their things and all exit, then they let the fast lane people in then they set their things in the bin and then pick therir seats. Then the air gates finally open and people board the train. There were a few times when people messed with the lap bar that it took over ten minutes to load the train. But I finally got on and It is a great ride. They just need to tweek the loading operation somehow to make it faster.

After exiting from my first ride on ROS, I met Coasterguts. He saw my post on the meeting calendar. It was great to finally meet some Buzzers on my trip. He showed me around and we rode the Wild One, Roar and Two Face together. All three great rides. We talked for quite a while and he gave me some history on the Wild One. Its nice having someone show you around their home park. He had to leave and I hit the rest of the coasters.

I spent a lot of time in line for SM. I got up to the station and in line for the back seat when they decided to add a second train. Then it broke down. They couldn't get the transfer track to work. I think that the computer lost the train because they were checking all of the sensors. I waited for a long while nad then finally left. I rode the woodies again and Mind Eraser, Two face, JJ and back to SM.

I got in line for the back seat again and I was to be the next rider when it broke again. I think someone leaned on the gates too hard. It took a while but I finally got my back seat ride.

This is a great park. My only real beef is with the queue lines. They get backed up either at the front or back of the train and then you can't get to empty seats. They need to rethink it a little.

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World


It was nice to meet you. Did they ever get the second train on Superman?

Yes. It took a while but they did. Now if we can just get people to stop leaning on the air gates.

Thanks for looking me up. It was great to have you show me around the park and to ride with. Look me up if you ever make it out to Pittsburgh. We can do Kennywood or head up to CP.

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

JJ's layout = identical to Flight of fear
Perhaps a good way to get the "gate crashers" to stop would be if the S:ROS ops were to enforce the same red zone policy they're doing over at Wild one.

When last I was there the crew at WO was enforcing this policy big time...if anyone's feet were so much as a micrmeter into the red zone then they were not gonna open the gates to let anyone on,so unless you want to wait til the cows come home to board then don't place your feet anywhere near the red zone.

CP ismyhome: here's something I learned last time I rode SFA's chaos...in order to get that thing to spin big time just grab & pull downward really hard on your shoulder restraint after getting your initial rythym going first,I know it sounds somewhat corny but it does work wonders at getting a major spinfest out of the ride.

Unfortunately the "good" crew on Wild One wasn't there on Sunday when we were there. All thought we did get a reride on Wild One. No one else on the train but us in the front row. However, it wasn't fun going into the brake run. It seemed like the first brake didn't open and we slammed into it. Both of our rib cages felt it.
I thought of maybe electrifying the air gates. Touch it and you get zapped. ;) Thanks for the Chaos tip.

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

Something I failed to mention and since CPismyhome has never rode Wild One, he probably didn't realize, was how insanely Wild One was running on Sunday. I got some incredible airtime in the front row of the red car, particularly at the hill going through Typhoon Sea Coaster. The track looked freshly greased. Roar was running awesome as well. I hardly felt a bump in the black car and even the turn into the brake run was smoother all though still somewhat rough.
Have you ever noticed the speed increase on WO following the turn around?

When the train hits the double drop to begin the return run it just starts hauling major a$$ & you can get some brutal air off of each & every one of those drops...as for the "out" portion of the course I havn't noticed any real speed increases when going through the TSC head chopper section,I guess you must've hit it on a good day.

As far as Roar's concerned for some reason I'm really starting to hate that ride due to the increasing roughness,although I'll take your word for it when you say that things are somewhat improving especially on that last hop up into the brake run....so far I have yet to ride the black train this season so maybe most of the roughness issues can be attributted to having taken my rides in the blue/green or whatever color train that is.

Wild One was especailly rocking on Sunday after that last turn. All I could say afterwords was WOW!!! You are correct, the hills after the turn around were major airtime. I still need a kidney transplant when you make the cut under the lift hill. I bang up against the right side of the train each time. I bet they must tighten those screws on a nightly basis to keep from the sides coming off.

The grease was so think on both coasters on Sunday you could smell it. But, yea, I've always thougt the black train is a little easier on the body making the bend into the brake run than the green/blue train.

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