7 Couples getting married at Six Flags:

Seven people are going to be getting married on coasters at Six Flags on July 7th at 7 a.m. The coasters chosen are:

Nitro @ SFGADv
Goliah @ SFMM


S:ROS = <3
They will also be getting married on Acrophobia at SFOG.
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I should have gotten married at a Six Flags park, considering my ex-wife reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil.....
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Since the weddings are at Six Flags parks, will there be two reception lines? One for Flashpasses and one for regular guests? :)
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^hee hee
I am getting married on 7/1/07 @ Knoebels on the Phoenix. The honeymoon, you ask?

G. lake
Cedar Point!!!!!

gary b
^ Hmmm, somebody I know was telling me that they know someone whose daughter is getting married on Phoenix. It IS a small world after all.
On one of those old Matt Dillon roller coaster videos there was someone getting married on my all time 2nd favorite woodie The Texas Cyclone(RIP). *** Edited 6/8/2007 4:01:19 AM UTC by Audioslaved***

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People will just do the darndest things to get to the front of the line for a SixFlags coaster....

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...will there be two reception lines? One for Flashpasses and one for regular guests?

Other aspects of a Six Flags wedding:

...lots of cutting at the reception line.

...at least one of the seven couples will find the clergyman officiating their ceremony is unavailable.

...the bride is slowed by trim brakes as she walks down the isle.

...the ushers and bridesmaids are slow and apathetic.

...the pews have OSTRs. And seatbelts.

...fewer guests than expected will show; bad weather will be blamed.

...the cost for being escorted to your seat? $15.

...only one maid of honor is original; the other six are clones.

...all the best men wear tuxedos with superhero tights and a cape.

...catching the bouquet is an up-charge.

...the groom has to remove the bride's garterbelt due to budget cuts.

...the couple's first dance is to Vengaboy's "We Like To Party."

..."Mr. Six" doesn't appear until the couple is in the honeymoon suite.

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^ LOL, what would be really tacky would be all of the corporate logos plastered all over the bride's wedding dress.

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