7-21-04 through 7-22-04 at CP Great times with my cousin

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This may be a little late but I've been busy anyway enjoy. I live 5 hours from Cedar Point In Indiana so we left at 9:00 hoping to get there at 4:00 and succeeded. We unpacked our clothes at the hotel and entered the park heading straight to Dragster, which my cousin hasn't ridden, and got 2 rides in in under an hour, which was great! Then we headed over to Millennium Force realizing that the wait was over 2 hours we headed back over to Dragster which went to 45 min., but still a relief to me because I waited 3 hours for the first time I rodeit and 2 hours the second time during 2003. The next day we got a freeway for Millennium then rode it. After the great ride we headed over to Dragster for freeway but weren't giving them out that day so we checked the wait and it said 2 hours wrong only 1. Next we headed over to the Game Day Grille by Raptor. After we ate we rode Raptor then Wicked Twister. Then we decided to go on a Dragster spree. When we got in the station they just said Dragster would go down due to maintenance after they got everybody out of the station. So we got a ride in and was great but then a huge storm came rolling in drenching us so we decided to go back to the hotel since nothing would be running. I was happy though because we had fun and I'm glad to see my cousin, Nick, loving Dragster. I've ridden Dragster 26 times and lokking forward to my trip next weekend (Labor Day weekend!!)
Which days over labor day weekend are you going to the point? I will be up there Saturday. Hopefully there are moderate crowds.

I'm going up there Saturday and Sunday then coming home Monday.
We live in Mishawaka Indiana, anywhere close to u?

Kyle Says: Diamondback was a lot of fun! Made his first time at Kings Island worth it all!

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