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Sunday, October 28, 2001 9:58 PM
I originaly was going to go out to Cedar Point and Six Flags Worlds of Adventure apperently money came a little short so I decided to drive down to Six Flags St. Louis for the first time and Great America second time on the way back since its on the way to Minnesota. The drive was a little longer than I expected I left Friday, morning around 6:45am and got to Six Flags St. Louis sometime around 10:45pm. My self and my girl friend stayed at Super 8 motel which is a few blocks from Six Flags. For a two night stay was around $95.00 which was pretty reasonable we also got a $10.00 off admission that saved us a little also. We got up around 8:45am headed towards Mcdonalds for breakfast and started our journey to 6Flags. When we got there we were kind of surprissed that there was already a line just waiting to get into the park. Once the gates opened around 11:00am everyone rushed to Batman The Ride which was the first coaster we tackled. We waited a good 20minutes for  the front row but well worth the wait. Even though the ride is short but its also very intense thats what I love about the inverted plus the ride was realy smooth also and the chain lift was pretty quite. Next we headed towards The Boss the line again was realy short for the morning. I was a little dissapointed for a CCI I found The Boss to be rough at times. We sat in the front for 3times and the middle twice the back once still found it to be kind of rough but I still love those CCI's they are the best. After The Boss we headed towards Mr. Freeze I would have to say that had to be one of the most headbanging coasters I have ever been on. I sat in the front row I realy liked the launch part of the ride was pretty fun. So now its up close to 12:30 we decided to take a break and have lunch for about a half hour, than we started over to Screachin Eagle again this ride was rough a times we also sat in the front row about a 10minute wait. After Screachin Eagle the last coaster we road was Ninja which was pretty decent. All in all I give 8/10 for Six Flags St. Louis they could use a boost in the coaster area also. Recap rode The Boss 10times and Batman The Ride 10times also was our favorite of all. After a full day at Six Flags St. Louis we started to head towards Six Flags Great America in Chicago. We drove about 8hours. The quickest way from St. Louis was I-44 to I-55North which we stayed on pretty much all night the drive seemed for ever. We got to Chicago around 5:30am Sunday morning. Were I always stay at is the Baymont Inn just right off I-94. When we got there we slepped till around 2:00pm and started towards Great America. Boy was this place already jamed packed by 2:30pm we had to park all the way in the back overflow parking lot. First thing we wanted to head towards Deja Vu and we saw the line which was a mile long everyone was saying close to a 4hour wait for one time! We decided not to wait that long and headed up towards V2: Vertical Velocity I was realy dissapointed it was the usual it was down for the last day wasnt open at all. After V2 we started to walk towards American Eagle again that only had one train running and it was a 2hour wait so we hoped in line. Next was Raging Bull one of my all time favorites from B&M I must say those seats are realy comfy I also had to wait 3hrs for one time. After waiting for ever on most of the coasters we did finaly get to ride Batman The Ride, Viper, Shockwave, Demon and Iron Wolf. I was wondering if any one has been to Six Flags Great America on the last weekend I think we picked a wrong day to go because almost all coasters were up to an 2 to 3 hour wait and Deja Vu close to 4. It was a realy busy day. But we had a good time at Great America and hope to pick a better day next time plus I may consider trying the fastlane pass system and see how that works. Finaly it was getting close to 7:30pm and we made our journey out of Great America and started back to Minnesota and got home around 1:30am this morning. This was my last trip of 2001 and I will be going to Cedar Point first thing in June of 2002.
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Monday, October 29, 2001 12:01 PM
I don't think you picked the wrong day to go,  I only had 15-30 min. waits all day.  I think it was just the order you went in,  I think you ended up going with the crowd.
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My Top 5 Coasters:
1. Raging Bull 2.Millenium Force 3.V2 (SFGAm) 4.Viper (SFGAm) 5.Cornball Express/Raptor

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